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My two biggest websites which were both #2 on page 1 for their keyword have been dropped.

One has dropped to #7 and the other #10

This has happened over the last couple of days. They are in the same neich but different URLS.

They were getting about 100 unique visits each per day and it is now down to like 20 per a day.

Both sites have been up and running for over 1 year and steadily climbed.

I have recently been doing more link triangle building with related websites,

my website 1 links to other website

other website links to my website 2

Google shufffle or penalty?

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    One of the valuable links that their ranking was depending on was probably lost, de-indexed, lost pagerank.

    The other possibility is Google fluctuation
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    I created a new unique post about 400 words for website 1
    Plus I removed a link to website 2 from website 1

    Google has indexed the new post within an hour or so and now Website 1 has gone back up to #2 on google.

    Website 2 is still in #10 slot

    I was giving both sites regular content but on website 2 the unique content is not on the front page. Instead it is on website2.com/blog page

    Is this a problem for a google? does it have to be on the main page?

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    • No, the content doesn't have to be on the main page, subdirectories are absolutely fine.

      Actually, that triangle linking isn't a great tactic. The other 2 sites, do they belong to you as well? Do they all sit on the same server/IP? (easy footprint) Also, be careful when linking out to sites you don't own and check if anything fishy is going on with them (if you link out to a site that has some malicious script installed, for example, you WILL be penalized for linking to it. On the other hand, a link from such a site won't hurt you.)
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      Hi Loxwood7,

      First I would like to say good luck with getting your sites back to first positions. It is nothing more anoying than seing that your site's pageranking is going down.

      Second i actually have a question to you. You mentioned that your new post on website 1 was indexed by google within an hour. May I ask you how did you check this? Which program/website you used to do that?
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    @ BAnkLink

    thankyou for your help with the content question!

    The two websites are on the same server, sounds like it might be worth getting another hosting for one of the websites to continue on with now.
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    Hi Joana

    I copied a chunk of text from the post and put "" around it. that way google will only find that exact match of text.

    you can then see if google has indexed it or not
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