How Search Engines will Screw Everyone..

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I don't make many topics, for the most part I tend to keep a very low profile and just turn up from time to time in topics that interest me that others have started but I was thinking before about Google Panda and to tell the truth, I have been thinking about this way longer than these recent changes.

Google DOES NOT want original topics, they couldn't care less about relevant search results and the less said about scrapers the better; since they bring in money.

What the Panda changes are meant to do is simply force people to buy advertising in order to get to the top of the search results for their given keywords.

I have a friend near where I live who has a security firm, all he needs for his site is a little one or two page holder telling people his name and address and phone number.

Since he does not have "original" bovine scat for the crawlers his site will get buried...until he coughs up money to Google to be a sponsored link.

This is the same for almost every other site in the world too, by putting only the biggest leviathans on the top ranks like Ebay, Amazon, Wikipedia and various others Google can guarantee that very few people can compete therefore they will have to buy advertising.

Cynical, I know I am but how else would Google makes its money if they didn't force people?

The general consensus amongst people in the world is that Google is a wonderful thing, and it is for the most part...they have done something that no one else ever has done before in truly making a global marketplace but lets not forget they are not here for the people, they are here to make money only.

Googles motto from day one has always been said to be "Do no evil" and yet as soon as they met up with the overture creator they stole his much for the angelic claims.

What do you think the future of Google will be when no one can get away with not paying for advertising due to the bias for sites that suck up all the population that constantly make content?
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    The Panda changes really messed up the system, i have a number of micro niche sites, and several got hit, while some that i didn't care about jumped 2 or 3 pages.

    We have to adjust to the changes. But Google isn't the only place to go, and i think Mastering Facebook, will be more and more important, even more than the top page on google search.
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    Originally Posted by Sparhawke View Post

    How Search Engines will Screw Everyone ...
    "... who allows their business to be largely dependent on search engines".
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      Originally Posted by Alexa Smith View Post

      "... who allows their business to be largely dependent on search engines".
      You have to be pretty dumb to do that
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      Originally Posted by Alexa Smith View Post

      "... who allows their business to be largely dependent on search engines".
      The people that are new to this business unfortunately

      Not everyone here knows the ins and out of Internet Marketing.

      This is why I'm here, to learn from the best I hope

      Lea K
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    Here is an excerpt from an email I received from Howie Schwartz -
    a cool guy.

    Maybe this will help you, maybe not - it's up to you.

    My opinion:

    I have been doing this full-time for 12
    years! I have seen more Google updates
    and whiplash then most people in IM . . .

    I have also lived through each and every
    single one. We need to learn what happened
    and try to piece together the "why". Then
    we need to take action and push forward.

    It doesn't help anyone to sit there and
    complain or whine about Google doing this
    or that. This is an every month (or quarter)
    part of online life. Google makes changes
    and there is always collateral damage.

    They try to hit ONE goal and the broad brush
    stroke wipes out tons of other sites in the
    aftermath. Its part of the game.

    We need to suck it up and push forward.

    What has kept me going over these 12 long
    years full-time online is this:

    CONSISTENT PROMOTION. Show your sites
    love every single day and Google will too.

    Until they slap you that is Then you
    need to lick your wounds and build more
    sites but most importantly . .


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    It's all a conspiracy, I tell you!

    Did you know the government has a car that will run on water? They don't want everyone to know because we'll buy all the water, then there won't be anything left to drink except beer, & they know beer will set us free! - Steven James Hyde III
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