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why the site in the #5 spot is there???? I am trying to get to page 1 in Google for the keyword "Surviving Infidelity" and my site is on page 2. My site is the top one in this picture and below it are the top 10 sites. I don't understand why the one in the #5 spot is even there and why I haven't moved onto page one yet?

Why is the BLP pink for the #5 and it is only 11? I am VERY new to Market Samurai so I am not sure about everything.

Odd this is, I have the keyword in the description but it says that I don't.?!?

Could use some help!

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    Hi marsha, if you have the word in the description and it says you don't...usually that it is refeerring to an old cache date! I hope that helps. Just check back a week it should be found on MSamurai. I don't use the tool often but just refer to the help document to explain why it is pink. Answer should be right there. To end this everything takes time and many factors weigh iinto this. Links especially. Onpage optimization first. I hope this helps!
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    Hi Marsha,

    Google ranks websites based on relevance. The tool you are using doesn't measure relevance the same way Google does, so naturally you cannot rely on that data because it is very limited at measuring relevance.

    I did a quick check on Google and did not see that website shown at position #5 anywhere in the top 30 results. It must be old or personalized data.
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    I know what pink means, that it is strong but WHY is 11 strong? I have 349 and I am not pink. This is what I meant.
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