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I was just looking for some opinions on what you think a realistic monthly budget should be for a good campaign and what you would set the search max bid at. Here are the basic details:
It is a shirt company selling funny / some offensive t shirts
Targeted keywords for search would probably be funny shirts or funny t shirts.
If this is what you were aiming for how would you approach it, or would you do anything different etc...
All feedback is welcome.
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    Determining the initial CPC depends on efficiency of your sales funnel. But in general, to start the campaign, I'll set the CPC to:

    CPC = avg. profit per sale X expected conversion rate of landing/sales page

    And if I can make the campaign break-even with this CPC, I can take it from there, optimize it like hell and make it profitable. If I can't even break-even, I'll either choose other keywords, modify the landing page or look for another product.
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  • Start with a $100 budget.

    Select keyword phrases that are most likely to target buyers and not curiosity seekers.

    Create Two pages... split test them.

    Make sure you pay close attention to the time of Day you test as well.

    And make sure you have your analytics set up so you know who looks at your ads and where they come from.

    If your target audience is only USA or USA and Europe set up .htaccess to block foreign traffic and bots. No sense spending money on people who can't buy.

    I used to do a fair about of ppc, but no longer. You really have to be on top of your game and do all the background set up first if you want to make money doing it.

    T-shirts are available everywhere it's a big market. I see Dirty Shirty or whatever on a lot of social sites.

    Perhaps you should consider a Facebook campaign?

    And if you are really smart you'll make sure that your look to buy process is as few a clicks as possible and asks for as little information as possible... only what is needed.

    I read an article recently about a large Retailer (who was not named) that simply changed the buying process... size of button, etc. and added $300 million to their bottom line over the course of the year.

    Make it easy to buy, easy to use, capture their email... don't let them leave without another offer on the way out.
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