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i always use tiered linking.... using a 2-4 level not including rss or bookmarking.... but honestly how effective would it be to go all the way up to say 8-10 tiers?

No its not time consuming i outsource everything... but i have never tested above 4 tier... does it still have a hugh impact?

and would it be safer to do more xrumers to tier level 6-10 at a much higher level then the first few levels?
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    Hi mrshades,

    With each tier you lose about 15% of your link juice due to the decay factor built into the PageRank algorithm. IMO it would be more cost effective to limit the number of tiers.
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    Eh?! So the less tiers u build, the more effective?! How does that work..

    Drop me a PM if you're a techie living in San Francisco

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    If I understand what you're asking, I think it's more the fact that the further you are from the original site link, the less the crawlers will notice it. The whole internet is a mass of interlinked websites, so the fact that site A is six links from site B might often be unintentional and is probably a very common occurrence.
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      basicly i didnt know that ever tier loses 15% but i believe it will still be effective.... to use programs that can send 100's to 1000's of links in a day because most my sites are to new to send that many links... i tried to a few and got sand boxed.

      thank you all for answering quickly.
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