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Hi warriors,

My site is relatively new, so the PR is very low, but I have been full time working on optimizing my site: dogwalkersmelbourne DOT com DOT au

I have not directly asked for help on this URL before so I figure its about time that I did try and find what is missing

While I am Australian based (22 million population), and my category is 'dog walking', I do rank on page one (near the top) for that term, and a few other related terms. Now I know Google keywords only gives this term 400 odd exact searches a month. But I am wondering if this number of visitors on my site is a relatively low number or the searches are in line with what you would expect? NOTE, most of my visitors are from Australia (so while I have links OS, they just seem to contribute to my PR, not visitor numbers.)

Maybe the question is also about GOOGLE PLACES ... because for many of my searches Google tries to auto complete the capital city Melbourne as part of the search term, which is fine, because I am optimizing for that too. Does anyone know if because google is doing this, whether it is only showing me on page one here (Melbourne) - but not in other Australian states?

OR maybe my ranking is national ranking for the generic dog walking, but the local dog walking businesses (as shown by symbols A to G in amongst the top ten, and shown on the google map on the right) just change in the different states?

Any help with sorting out if I am on track or if anyone can suggest what I might do to boost visitors, specific to my site?
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    I may be completely off with this, but it's something you might want to test.

    When I searched now for "dog walking Melbourne", your site is ranked #3. This is how the listing description looks for the top 3 sites:

    We offer professional dog walking & pet sitting services for occasions when you cannot be there. We also offer pet transportation & pet products.
    At Dog Walking Melbourne we provide a professional, reliable dog walking, cat sitting & pet minding home visit service to the northern & inner suburbs of .
    This is yours...

    Dog Walkers Melbourne saves your dogs getting bored, unhealthy, frustrated with annoying behaviours while are at work or on holiday. Pet sitting & transport .
    IF - and I don't know if it is, but you might - what the typical searcher is looking for from a search for "dog walking Melbourne" is a service provider who will walk their dog, then the first two descriptions speak directly to that - while yours approaches it in a slightly roundabout fashion.

    Maybe that could explain the lower clickthrough rate to your site?

    If you switch around your description to read:

    Dog Walkers Melbourne - Our professional dog walking and pet sitting services save your dog from getting bored, unhealthy or frustrated with annoying behaviours while you are at work or on holiday.
    ... it might encourage a few more searchers to click.

    What's often not emphasized is that your meta description is, in essence, an AD for your site - and must compel a clickthrough the same way a classified ad would.

    Hope this helps

    All success
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    You need to have a proper description for your website that best matches your site. The description matters a lot in ranking and number of clicks. So just follow the tips given by drmani.

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    Yeah the google places serps are geo targeted, but you are above these listings in the #2 spot for me.

    For a keyword with so few searches, you really need to have the #1 spot.

    I'd also work on optimising for keywords like "dog walking + melbourne suburb".
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