Slow, manual backlinking vs Outsourced pyramids/backlink blasts

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It would seem to be that the best backlinking strategy is the slow, manual type, as per Pat Flynn's 'Backlinking Strategy That Works'. Basically you come up with content, spin it, and post it - every day, for as long as you need to. Doing that manually is tedious work, and while I love most of IM, I despise that part of it. That said, I have done it because I know it works.

That said, how do things like this work?

This guy blasts your site with 200-500 PR4+ sites on tier 1, then another 5,000 to 10,000 tier2 profiles linking to those PR4 tier 1 sites.

Gigs like that, and other similar ones on Fiverr, have tons of positive feedback. As a noob to IM, I am drawn to these instant backlink pyramid type things. But how do they compare?

Secondly...can anyone recommend a place to purchase outsourced backlinking the slow, manual way? As in, paying someone to post 10 backlinks per day for a month, instead of thousands at once, which I can only assume G views negatively?

I've been reading and building sites for months now, and I feel as confused about SEO as ever.
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