Thanks big G, now I can't find my site!

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Something changed again today at Google. The problem for me is, I used to just check my rankings with one of my sites by hand. It was fun because I had good rankings. I still have the rankings, that isn't the problem.

The problem is, when I looked today, one of the ways I could find my site was the link for my site was a different color than the other links. So I could spot my site easily when I browsed through the list of sites on a Google results page. But today I see that isn't working anymore. All the links are the same color, like someone pushed a huge reset button.

So now I can no longer see what sites I had been to previously. Anyone know if this is permanent? Seriously annoying! Again!
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    Just means your google cookie expired and it went back to being a site that you have not visited in a while by from clicking the google search result for it.
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    I check it every other day. I even opened the site and then looked for a new ketword phrase. Same result. Are you getting something different?
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    You realize it has nothing to do with Google right?

    Dude, it's all in your browser history.

    If your running old cookies, all you was looking at was personalized SERP results. That will put your site that you visited closer to the #1 position, which is false results.

    Use Chrome Incognito when checking your site.
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    Alrighty yukon, I will try Chrome. Thanks for the heads up.
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