How Much Should Good SEO Cost?

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My server wants to charge me $99/month for SEO. For which they say they'll...
1) Write unique SEO articles and post them for me (I assume it's stuff I could easily do myself on any article submission site)
2) Create back links for me


My question is this...

How much "should" good SEO services cost? I understand there's a huge difference depending on how much traffic you'll get, what the current competition for the keyword is, profit margins, etc.

But what would you guys pay for these services?
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    $99 is a good price, but it depends on what backlinks, how many, and how good is the quality?

    To give you an idea, my cheapest service is $97 per month for warriors, but I get a lot of high quality and relevant backlinks to your site, well worth the price.

    My margin isn't that great either. I make just enough for it to be worth it for my time. I save on paying my employees for a bulk amount of work for all my clients.

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    Before I retired, my rates for SEO started at $100/month and increased steeply from there

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    Most sites I wouldn't work on the seo for $100 a month, but then again I put allot more time that $100 a month into every site I work on.

    really depends on the article work and back-links if its worth it.

    they might be considering the back-links are the ones in the articles , and when they get picked up they are back-links lol kinda kill 2 birds with one stone but sell it as 2 services.


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    I think the main thing to have in mind is to know which SEO methods work, from there you'll know whether or not an SEO service is cheap or expensive.

    I think you'll need to think harder when reading my answer above, then let me explain a lil bit.

    If you know that spamming blog commenting is not effective because the link will not stick, then paying $1 for it will be expensive (because it doesn't work).
    But if you know when you're paying $99 for a service that will give you $1,000 a month, then I think it's called cheap.

    That's my view on 'cheap and expensive' question about SEO.

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