Adsense - I accidentally click on my ad and can't send report issue

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Like I said, I accidentally clicked on my ad and I tried to send report issue to Google immediately for apologize but after I click "send feed back to Google" It appeared "Submission failed. Please try again later." I retry many time but didn't work, what should I do next?the click worth 14 cent and I'm afraid they will disable my account.

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    Dont worry about 1 click. You will be ok, just make sure it doesnt happen again
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    I also accidentally clicked on one of my ads recently, but I saw in my reports that google hadn't counted it
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      Do not contact google to say "I clicked my ad one time" - they know there are mistakes on occasion.

      If you accidentally click your ads many times, a report won't help you.
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    I always thought that G didnt count clicks on your own ad's?
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      Originally Posted by the_icon View Post

      I always thought that G didnt count clicks on your own ad's?
      They will ban you.. so they count them heavily. As others have said though, the occasional "oops" click tends to get overlooked.

      As others have also said, never ever ever send an email and tell them you accidentally did this should it happen.
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    Originally Posted by gman0156 View Post

    the click worth 14 cent and I'm afraid they will disable my account.

    Gman, Google is not that stupid to penalize you for a mistake it knows will definately happen. Look for some other business to do and stop attemping to contact google about one click. :rolleyes:

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    OP, will get themselves banned sooner or later.

    Not from the Adsense click, because they are repeatedly sending messages to Google telling on themself.
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    Google obviously knows you IP and they are not stupid. If you click on an ad it just won't count towards your earnings. However if you click repeatedly on your ads you will be banned.

    Just don't do it again!!
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    As many others said already, if you just clicked on your own ads this once, have never done it before, and never plan to do it again... I wouldn't lose sleep over it.

    If you do "apologize" to Google, I wouldn't expect a hug in return either.
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    Google themselves say not to worry about an accidental click. Don't believe it? Check it out:

    If you're REALLY nervous about it, go to the Google AdSense forums and make a post there right away. That way, if they do disable your account later, you can point to that post. If it wasn't one "accidental" click though...expect them to know that...that pre-ban post won't help you!
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  • hey dude .....

    just relax. it was a mistake. do not do it again. if you do it repeatedly then there is a chance to ban you. but you have just clicked once, so no tension you. they will not disappear your account. sometimes mistake can happen but not repeatedly.

    now concentrate on your site's progress.
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    Yeah I can agree, that you shouldn't worry at all, even after making 3-5 clicks all Google does usually is sends a warning to not do it again before banning so if you haven't clicked your own ads more than, say, 3 times... you don't have anything to worry about. Coupled with the fact that the cpc was 14 cents google won't even raise an eyebrow.
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    Thanks for every advise mate.
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    Its all on Google... what they will do ..........
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