Weird Traffic Phenomenon on my site any ideas how to monetize it

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Hello all you smart marketers I just noticed something on my clients Analytics that was very interesting and I was wondering if you had any idea how I could maximize it.

My clients site shows over 50-100 visitors a day from google for the keyword 'twitter symbol' and when I checked on Google there it was ranked number 2 in google images for the keyword twitter symbol the pic from my website.

The problem is the site is about investments and I cannot think laterally enough to see how to make this work. If it helps give any ideas here is the website investments south Africa . This was a quick squeeze page I did and I have been wanting to change it as It is not very good, but now I really need to makes some changes quickly to get the most out of the traffic.
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    Hi - I don't think it is monetiazable. However, you could try putting up something like: "Are you looking for a twitter symbol? Let us design one exclusively for you for just $X." Then outsource it on here. Otherwise, put up an Adsense ad but I don't think it will pay much... regards Allen

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    That's an interesting one Cathy! I'm a little stumped myself about how to monetize that. The people searching for that keyword are more than likely just looking for a Twitter logo to copy and paste on their own websites. One option I guess, is seeing that that traffic consists of people who are most likely regular Twitter users themselves, is to make a prominent "Follow us on Twitter" button on the website and tell the visitors why they need to follow the company on Twitter, and that way try and convert that traffic to Twitter followers which the company could market to regularly through Twitter. Not sure how else to directly monetize that kind of traffic though; maybe some other bright marketers will have some awesome ideas
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    Yip I am happy about the traffic as the bounce rate is not 100% (about 75%) so atleast some visitors are going to other parts of the website, but it just feels like I should be doing more with it.
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    Sorry, I will do one bump see if any one else can give me ideas how I can use this traffic fluke in an inventive way
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