How to change this landing page to suit Google standard

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Hi I would like to ask for opinion on how to modify on this sites, as I received Google warning of site violation for the website. I am not sure how I can change the landing page in specifc to fit in Google guideline and need WF forum member suggestion in this.

The website link is Success Mastery

Below is the Google Team response.

"Thank you for your email. I am happy to help you with your site violation issue.

I have reviewed your site and see that it is disabled for Scams.

At this time, Google AdWords does not permit sites that promote unrealistic claims or promises with little to no effort. This includes claims that are either scientifically impossible, or otherwise extremely misleading to users.

Please understand that we've given much consideration both to our current policy on ads deemed unacceptable due to their business practices and to the complaints that we've received from users and publishers about these ads.

I encourage you to make changes to this site or advertise for a different product."
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