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Ok I have been struggling with this for over an hour so I figured I would post to get some feed back.

I'm in the middle of setting of a new blog. They keyword phrase I'm targeting is pretty long. I want the keywords to appear in the slug of the post but the keyword phrase alone is like 26 characters. Add any sort of title on to that and it's pretty long.

I'm using Better SEO Slugs plugin which truncates / strips words down to 30 but them I'm left with THISISMY-LONGKEYWORD-HERE-MONEY for example.

Is 30 the max length you should have a slug? Does google care?
BTW The title of my post is like:

Any suggestions?
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    usually i try to go with the shortest possible while including the main keywords. im not sure if google cares, but i know that they do take into consideration "stops", so be careful with that.
    Just starting off my attempt at internet marketing. First venture is a teeth whitening site that I'm trying to monetize. Always appreciate feedback.
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