What was the hardest thing for you to learn?

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When I first started Affiliate Marketing, I had trouble understanding the SEO concept. I kept confusing all the terminology and didn't get how things were working. There was just so much information on forums that it drove me crazy. From backlinks, anchor text, PR, nofollow/dofollow, then gets more complex when people started talking about linkwheels etc..etc.

Took me a while to learn but eventually it all started to make sense.
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    Well, there is nothing difficult kind of junks in SEO really, i think so, but the only thing that really irritates me is to do bulk bookmarking, it really gets on nerves when its messing up with accounts.
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      Hardest part, remembering it all and sorting through what works and doesn't work. There are so many contradictions that if you listened to everyone then nothing would be the "right" thing to do.
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        In fact I paid $67 for a keyword research service in WSO and learn how to do a properly keyword research from the recommendation. From there, I learn what is on page SEO.
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