How do I build a website around 2 synonymous keywords??

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I want to build my first website or blog, but I'm having a problem:

Let's say my website is going to be about tables and desks.
Let's also say I used Market Samurai and found around 10 keywords for desks and 10 keywords for tables such as

best desks
best tables

desks for kids

tables for kids

desk online shop

table online shop


Now, my problem is that desk and table mean more or less the same thing. (I know they don't mean the same thing exactly, but let's say they do..I'm actually targeting other keywords of course! And the real keywords I target are true synonyms!).
How do I design my website if I want to use all the keywords above as my categories?

For example:

-desks for kids
-tables for kids
-living room desks
-living room tables

Now won't that look strange and unnatural to a visitor if everything I have on the posts..article tags is there twice..once using the word table and once the word desk?

I don't know, but if I were a visitor I would think the website is probably trying to rank for both keywords..and even though the site will rank well for both keywords (desk and table) a human visitor it won't look very pleasing. We've all seen those cheap Adsense websites, with 10 different categories that mean the same damn thing!

Is there a way around this?
How do I design my website around two synonymous keywords?
And how do I write my I write one article for tables for kids and another article for desks for kids in order to really target and optimize for one keyword?

I don't want to build two websites..once for table and once for desk because I want to pour my time and love into one website..:p and I also read that Google favors authority sites.
Should I go for just one keyword even though the other one is just as profitable?

I'm clueless and don't know what to do..and I haven't even begun! lol
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    Fortunately, many people who come to your site looking for one of the topics, will probably be interested in the other as well.

    I would just target both topics through your seo campaigns, and maybe provide two sections on the site so people can view what they wish.

    You can write articles on both topics.

    I think this may not be as bad as you think...

    You can attract two groups.
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  • Just use them on the same pages. So, for instance, say you want to write about about:

    -desks for kids, and
    -tables for kids

    Look at whichever one has better search numbers and/or is easier to rank well for, and make that the primary keyword for the page. Make the other one a secondary keyword. Then do off-page optimization for both keywords.
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  • Alternatively, just approach synonymous keywords from different angles and put them on separate pages.
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    Thank you guys! I'll do off-site SEO for both keywords and just target the one with more search volume then. So obvious, yet this method so didn't occur to me!

    Edit: I'd thank you if I could, but one more post is needed.
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