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I am using a PPC network, 7Search, for my Avon website. I am direct linking and have had no success as of yet. I have one new signup since advertising on 7 Search but no sales. I have had 547 visitors sent to my link and only use keywords associated with purchasing and none for affiliate signups or business offers.

Here is my Advertisement on 7Search:

Shop Avon through an Indep. Sales Rep.
Lets talk about the most personalized shopping experience around: Avon. Satisfaction Guarantee & Free shipping on orders over $30. Become an Agent Today! Robert Edgar, Independent Sales Rep.
AVON Representative ROBERT EDGAR serving the Savannah, GA area

Can someone tell me if they think my ad is not up to par or if they have other recommendations.
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    I'm not to sure but your ad seems a little long though.

    Since youre getting clicks then it seems more a conversion issue, what keywords are you bidding on.

    Have you tried any other methods ie ppv or banner ads or out..
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      Sorry it is a conversion issue. I am bidding on Avon product names, makeup, health and beauty and gift ideas keywords.

      With 7Search you get 190 words to describe your advertisement so I used it up.
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    Plus just to add, you want to make it as easy as you can for people.

    Reading your ad is quite confusing, it says "independent sales rep","free shipping on orders over $30" then it says "become an agent today", it seems to complicated.

    I would split the ad up. I have not used 7search before but going off ppc in general.

    You should have ad groups, each ad group targeting a group of keywords with seperate ads.
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    I see. I have thought of that but figured it would be too time consuming to do.
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    Hows about this advertisement:

    Lets talk about the most personalized shopping experience around: Avon. Satisfaction Guarantee & Free shipping on orders over $30. Check out our current discount. Robert Edgar, Ind Sales Rep
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    It does take some time but since your not getting conversion lol

    I Don't really link directly to an affiliate link i use a review page so i am not 100% on this.

    But maybe you could get you own domain and use domain forwarding, and maybe use msn and yahoo for your campaigns.

    Anyway i don't know if 7search is similar to others.

    But i would group the keywords into ad groups, then write ads to go with that ad group.

    Then you instead of sending them to the homepage, send them to a landing page relating to the ad and keywords.

    Ie, if you have an ad group and ads about "make up" products, send them to the page with the make up products on.

    If that makes sense to you.

    I don't know if explained it very well, if not let me know and i'll be happy to explain thing futher for you, also if you want any further help i would be happy to give you my email address :-)
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      I absolutely understand that. I am fairly worried that if I send customers to a different page than my homepage they will not record the sale.

      Dangit , why do customers have to be so lazy, lol?
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    The only problem with 7Search is once i bid on a keyword, if I use that same keyword with a different ad I will be bidding against myself. With 7Search, all keywords are bid on.
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    I know lol

    It should record the sale, if you go to your affiliate link then go to a certian page, just copy that url and put that in your ad :-)
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    No, You don't bid on the same keywords for different ads.

    Right i have just been to avon site and found a product called arabian glow.

    So for example.

    Youre ad would include Arabian Glow, like Get Araibian Glow here, best prices guranteed. or somthing.

    Then your keywords.

    Arabian glow
    buy arabian glow
    best arabian glow
    and so on..

    Than send them to the arabian glow page.

    and do it like that :-)
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    OP, your Ad needs to be simple & target a single subject. Create multiple Ads to target muore subjects.

    People interested in buying Avon may not care about selling Avon.


    AVONĀ® Free Shipping
    Free Shipping on Orders over $30.
    Limited Time Only! Use:XXXXXXXXXX

    Sell AVON
    Visit our AVON Site
    Become an AVONĀ® Representative.

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  • You have to have more articles in the site
    you shod look for example on affiliate sites that work and learn form them

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