What Is Your Favorite Keyword Competition Analysis Tool?

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Looking to analyze some competition in order to find a niche. Heard of market samurai and Traffic Travis, are there any other tools that you would suggest??
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    I use Market Samurai and SEO Spyglass
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    Google Keyword Tool or sandbox. I use them and they are good.
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    For finding exact-match keyword domains, I just use the Google Keyword Tool, GoDaddy bulk domain checker, and the free plugin SEO Quake.

    For finding keyword ideas for blog posts on my niche sites, I use the free keyword website Keyword Eye : Visual Keyword Suggestion Tool PPC, SEO, Niche Finder.

    0 dollars. A LOT easier to use. (IMO of course...)
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    Market Samurai

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  • just search the term in google and use SEOQuake to analyze the top 10 competitors
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  • I like to use Google KeyWord Tool for search-volume (not exact, but gives you a rough idea).. but then I look at the first page competitors and copy the page URL's into Open Site Explorer (great tool from SEOmoz)
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    Google Adword and Insight.
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    I just use Google Adwords and SEO Quake for Chrome to manually check the strength of the top 10 sites ranking for the particular term, and I consider myself to be quite successful with the data I collect.
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    I am having problems with Taffictravis the results are so different from Google
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    I only use Google keyword tool and it is my favorite. You can also use Google trend, Google global market research to find out hottest trend keywords. I sometime use such tools.

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    Google keyword tool for search volume and google search + SEOQuake for top 10 competition analysis (basically PR and backlinks)
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    Another vote for looking at the top 10 with SEO Quake (or SEO for Firefox, which I prefer). That's all you need really.

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    I use Google Keyword Tool, then dig into more details with SEOmoz tools. After all the support for SEO Quake, I may have to take that for a spin though.
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    Google Keyword Tool and Market Samurai are my favorite Keyword Competition Analysis Tools.
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    I only use the google keyword tool, free is the easiest way to go especially if your just starting out.
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    +1 to SEOQuake for looking at the top 10. I also use semrush for researching keywords competetion. Check it out, I think you will be satisfied.
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