Is my homepage not indexed anymore?

by lotre
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Hi guys

Ive noticed these last few days that my homepage doesnt seem to be showing up in the serps, i noticed for some reason that my home page had got set to noindex- i dont remember doing that ???

So the other day i set it to index again but still no sign of it -how long should it take to reappear in the SERPS and also how can i check if it is indexed? I cant see anywhere in webmaster tools to check it. The site is nearly 3 years old and its a proper website not running for IM or anything similar

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    It can take a few days to show back up. To check it type your site in Google "" like that and if it shows then its indexed.

    Basically it will take until G crawls again and sees that the noindex attribute has been removed then it should reappear.
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    cheers, ive just tried that and it only showed subpages so im waiting i guess


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    I think your site will takes time to get back in SERP. Just continue your daily activities in link building and create more unique contents.
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      its not that, it just disappread after the homepage got set to noindex for some reason?? plenty of links & there is plenty of good original content- not that that matters too much from what i see with site scraping.


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    my site:Webtwilight - create a website comes up on google search engine, but when I put in webtwilight. Nothing comes up.


    and the site has been indexed for the past 3 years. All of a sudden it's gone. Perhaps i might of changed something.
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    Hey webtwilight:

    I just checked - your index page is still there. However, it's indexed w/out the www

    <a href="">How to Lower Your Water Bill</a>

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    The same thing has happened to me. I got on market samurai (like I do every day) to check the ranking of my keywords. All of a sudden half of them weren't ranked in the top 500 and the best one was like page 6, when I had had about 7 keywords on the first 4 pages of google.
    Last week I changed my homepage to be a static homepage instead of a dynamic posts page, and made a new page (information center) for all my articles/posts.

    I don't know if its something fishy with google, if its my static page, or what the problem is, but if this google dance doesn't stop in the next few days I'll take the static page down assuming that is the problem.
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    You need to choose to go with either all the double you's or without the double you's (sorry, WF thought it was a link and im too young to post links just yet )). Whichever one you choose, 301 the other (if that makes sense!). It's seen as duplicate content otherwise. I usually go for the double you version because it's more recognisable to users. I don't think thats the root of this problem though, if you have removed that no-index tag, just give it a few weeks, maybe even a couple of months.
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    Thanks for the reply guys, my main problem is. my comes up on google but when i put in webtwilight, nothing comes up. Is there something I'm doing wrong here. I own a wordpress blog.
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    where is the url? can we check it ??
    Check by : google [cache:domain name]
    1) Add url in google webmaster
    2) add site map
    3) put on signature

    Those will help you out with in 24 hours
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