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Hey guys,

Quick Question: From your experience with BMR, do you get blog posts with higher PageRank when you submit longer articles? I created 10 150-word pieces and they were put on PR 1-3 blogs.
Do longer posts get better ranks?

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    No - but some sites do have preferred/recommended lengths which can be up to 600 words, so you may just be seeing the fact that some sites want longer articles and they also tend to be the ones with higher PR.

    nothing to see here.

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    According to my Google notes (I can't find the presenters name), Google prefers at least 300 words. However, he said that if a video is on the page, then they look a little less deep.

    Most important, however, is that they look at two factors (with several different data points) Relevancy versus Reputable. Relevant: You need to be sure that what you say you're talking about, you're actually talking about. Reputable: Other people agree with you. That's obviously incoming links.
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    I've been running an experiment using BMR (see and I have noticed a pretty even distribution of Page Rank sites from 1-5 over the course of a few hundred articles. It's seems to be about:
    20% PR1
    30% PR2
    30% PR3
    15% PR4
    5% PR5

    Seems to be regardless of post size. I've seen posts from 150 up to 450 words appear on the sites my articles have appeared on, but the VAST majority seem to be 150 words long.
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    Thanks ElectronPlumber! That's exactly what I needed.
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