My Blog Post Went Viral Yesterday! Google 0 Bing 1,538

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What causes a page to be picked up by bing? I have never listed any of my sites with bing. But yesterday morning a post I wrote got picked up by bing and listed in bings search engine. Bing then sent me nearly 1,600 visitors to that post. But google, yahoo and all of the other search engines didn't send one single visit to that post. (I know this from looking at google analytics and awstats as well as JetPack for WP). Here is the post that got hit by tons of bing traffic yesterday.

I searched bing for my domain name yesterday after this flood of traffic poured into my blog and the only result for my site that came back was the url of the post they had picked up. Not one single other url from my site is listed in bing. But they picked it up within an hour of me posting it.

I do use StumbleUpon and at the time of this thread I've only got 5 visits from stumblers. It has only been Dugg on Digg once by me and no one else has dugg it. I did like it on FB so theres one hit and I tweeted it to about 4,600 followers.

Now I'm not receiving a lick of search traffic for that post, but as of late last night before I signed off and went to bed that post had received:

1,538 Visits To The Post Itself

23 Additional Likes On Facebook


11 Other Social Bookmarks Or Tweets


The likes and tweets and other social bookmarks were a result of the massive flood of bing traffic as well as 12 adsense clicks equaling nearly 10 bucks, so I can rule out bookmarking as being the culprit of bing picking up the post.

However, I did Stumble it, Digg it and Tweet it right after I posted it. Even though it only received 5 hits from StumbleUpon. & 0 Diggs.

So.... Does anyone have any clue how this post got added to bing? Because its the only URL from my site that shows up in bing as of right now.

I am using ALl In One SEO pack and Meta Pack and XML Sitemaps plugins on the blog. Any additional info would be appreciated.

Also, does anyone have any tips on getting more search traffic from google, yahoo, bing and others? I use to get a few thousand page impressions per day a few years ago without hardly lifting a finger. Now it is hard to break 1,000 on a good day unless I just tweet the hell out of the link. Anyway, I spend hours reading blogs and forums everywhere and seems I need to forget everything I've learned about search engines because I cannot win this game much less play it anymore.
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    I have some of my website pages showing up in Bing but not all. The only thing I did different than you was I registered with Bing for a webmaster account and submitted my site map. I did the same thing with Yahoo and Google. I have always had bing ratings but not every single page of my website has been crawled by bing. I haven't studied bing much but your post makes me want to learn a little bit more about it
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    I did sign up for a webmaster account with bing this morning. But as of yet they still haven't started showing any analytical data in the bing webmaster center. According to the knowledge base bing could take up to 3 months to index a site. So I'm lost! I would love to know how they got to my site in the first place. Maybe it was slurped up from twitter? I don't know.
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    Just checked with Bing webmaster center and they've still not updated anything.
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