How difficult to outrank a wiki page with over 300k backlinks?

by thedog
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Hi guys, I'm looking at an

It gets over 6000 exact searches a month, and has CPC of $2

The competition is all low, except for the number 1 spot being a wiki page... in Market Samurai it's showing all on page SEO very weak, all it has is over 300k backlinks.

Can a EMD with great on page seo outrank that, or would it always be number 2?

The domain is a problem/solution, and the wiki page is pretty general.
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    It's possible but hard to say without seeing the keywords and Wiki page.

    If the keyword was, for example, 'how to train your dog' and your is and the Wiki page that is #1 was about 'dogs' or 'dog training' even, then I would say with lots of backlinks and good on page SEO it would be possible to get to number #1.

    Even so, you still get about 15% CTR for being in position #2, and if it's a buyer keyword with good volumes I would think this is still worth it personally. Especially if there is a chance that you could beat the Wiki page at some point.


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    I will do a check on spyfu to see if there are advertisers for the keyword first. If there are then I will proceed on
    How To Lose Weight Fast
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    It is usually damn easy to rank outrank a Wiki with a tightly themed site that has an EMD. These wiki's usually rank naturally based on authority. And frankly I have no idea why people depend on a piece of software to tell them what is competitive and what is not. I've never used these types of software programs and I never will.
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    If it is low competition,It is possible to beat any website.Just need some good onpage seo and backlinks.As this is having good CTR sure you can try it.
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    I am assuming those 300k links are to the domain and not the page. Based on that it will not take too many backlinks to outrank a site just ranked on domain authority.

    2 nuts walked into a bar, 1 was assaulted! :p

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    is it 300k to the exact page? no way.. right?
    Just starting off my attempt at internet marketing. First venture is a teeth whitening site that I'm trying to monetize. Always appreciate feedback.
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