Google Adsense: Success OR Lucky Streak ? [See Screenshots]

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I signed up for an Adsense account as my first serious online revenue in Early 2008. My first $100 check came out after six months of hard work..

The earnings increased over time as i concentrated on other income streams and retained adsense. such that I could earn atleat over $100 EVERY other month.

Now something Strange happened in JUNE 2011 - to be particular for the last 2 days..
On average I was earning EUR 2 to EUR 4 per day..

All of a sudden my earnings Shot to above EUR 12 to EUR 13 per day
I thought may be there was a RAPID increase in traffic on the Site but on checking my GAnalytics.. nothing unusual

Here are some screenshots

  1. What really happened to increase the Value Per click? Is there some algorithm update that influences vaue per click on web sites?
  2. Can I be confident and Say am Having success with Adsense OR is it Just some Lucky Streak?
  3. Has Anyone ever experienced this?
I'd live to hear what your experience has been like with Adsense....//

Kindly Share..
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    My CTR is comparable with yours from one of my sites. I've had some months when it looks like the Adsense earnings are really taking off. From experience this happens only one or two months in a row and then the earnings drop again.
    The intriguing factor is the CTR and the absolute number of clicks remains broadly comparable when this happens, meaning the increase in value is coming from increased click values. I've never managed to come up with a reason for this, other than fluctuations in ad CPC values.
    I think unfortunately, from my experience, you may be in a short term lucky streak, but fingers crossed it lasts for you.
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    The subject/niche-focus of your site probably has some bearing on this.

    Some niches are pretty seasonal. During the in-season(s), traffic can increase quickly and substantially as search-volume does the same, and/or EPCs shoot up as advertiser competition increases, thus pushing up bid prices.

    As peejaydee (above) implies, this might be a seasonal thing, or it might last out, to some degree, over the longer-term. Only time will tell.
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    My web site is a NEWS aggregator.. not really focused on any niche.. It's news as they happen..

    I'll observe in the next couple of weeks and report

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    My guess is that some of the keywords that drive some of your traffic has some new advertisers and their competition has driven the price up.
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    Originally Posted by Terry Gorry View Post

    You would want to be careful that showing this screenshot is not in breach of Adsense terms of service-I think it is.

    You don't want your account terminated now when you are just gaining some traction?

    Yes, he is showing sensitive information that violates TOS. It's better to hide by using a paint program.

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    Terry Gorry kindly edit.. and remove the images.. i used an image shortner and am unable to remove them.. but at least you can remove the image link on this thread

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