Anyone having success with Squidoo - Can you still get a Squidoo lens to rank #1

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- I've been browsing my archive of wso's and plr material and I came across some Squidoo items. It dawned on me; that I do not recall having seen a Squidoo lens as a top runner in the SERPS for any of the key word searches I have done lately. I have seen a couple in the top 6 - 10 but more often I see them on the second page of search results.

Now I'm curious - Is anyone still Squidooing? Has anyone had success with or seen a #1 ranking for a Squidoo lens lately? :confused:
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    Yes, just not using them the way you are describing them. I think you are looking at it the wrong way. You can have a Hub Page or your own blog page in the SERPS and then create a Squidoo lens on the same exact keywords and link to all other things you have on that keywords, and if the Squidoo lens gets in the 6-10 spot, you have another backlink from the 6-10 spot and can get more of your content in the same area. It may not rank 1, but if you can have Ranks 3 and 7 for your page and your lens respectively, I would rather have that than rank 4 page on its own.
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    I still use squidoo lens and hubpages for new sites I make for backlinks as DPWeb says.
    Squidoo lens surprisingly ranks fast and though i've never had it take the first position in google, it still ranks well. One time, i've had my lens rank better than my main site (position 3 and 4 respectively) which ended up taking months before the order changed.
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    Squidoo lenses have a good ranking when they are fresh. Later they lose it. You have to keep updating them, and basically creating new lenses, so that you may have a few of them in the first results page.

    Learn more about getting traffic to your Squidoo lenses at:

    Squidoo is giving great importance to a lens’ traffic after the big change in the beginning of this year, when many new categories where introduced to their system. This is why most lenses have lost their lensrank. You have to promote your lenses everywhere, and ping them often.

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    Yes, and yes they still do rank well. They are like any other page you own, except have the benefit of being on an established domain. Make sure you build your backlinks like normal but also become involved in the community as the internal link juice you can get from sites like Squidoo and hubpages can be deadly.
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    I just had a quick look and here are some big keywords you will find Squidoo is doing well for:

    p90x reviews
    young and the restless spoilers

    I think they are still doing ok if you know how to promote them.
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    my biggest competitior like lives on there. dude has everything published on squidoo constantly
    Just starting off my attempt at internet marketing. First venture is a teeth whitening site that I'm trying to monetize. Always appreciate feedback.
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    im using squidoo on daily basis and like what i get in return.
    I have this tool which helps me to keep my lenses on high lensrankings. This way my backlinks get more power and my lenses earn more money for me

    Buy ZennoPoster HERE, and GET Zenno PRO Skype Support | This is Taekwondo club im training in.

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    Just use Squidoo help new websites get indexed, and build few mirror page, somtimes.
    Looking for godaddy renewal coupon? Check!
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    Squidoo have a guide to help you rank your lenses. You can find it here:

    Hope this helps
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    I agree to clever7. I also noticed that. My lens ranks well when just about a month only and went down after. You have to update your lens often to increase in rank. I also have a question if lenses mentioning a part at the same topic will be consider as spam?
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    You can rank them for less competitive keywords not for competitive ones because according to the recent Google update lens is also considered as a content farm.

    Guest post links are effective when they are contextual and natural!!

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    I tried out squidoo and it didn't do any wonders for me. Maybe if it was part of a linkwheel then it would be effective but as of right now, I'm done with it. I believe people should just stick with domain names and hosting to get the best SEO results.

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    I have generate more traffic from Hubpages than Squidoo, but i have seen a lot of squidoo pages on page 1 of google.
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    I've got a couple long-tail keyword Squidoo lenses that have occasionally ranked #1. It seems to vary which of my Squidoo pages is doing the best, so I don't have a formula that I could give someone else (or even follow myself) that I can predict will turn up on page 1 of Google.

    I did recently have someone pay me to put a link on my Squidoo lens to their website, so that was nice.

    I've heard others with substantial Squidoo income (more than $100 each month), say that they too have their lenses that earn well and others that they think will do well that are duds.
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      Yes I have ranked 1 and 2, with two of my lens for major competitive keywords. 7 of my lens float in positions 3 to 7 for top key words. I have no clue how I did it. I followed pot pies guide and I update them regularly and add tags etc. I love squidoo and it actually pays most of my bills. Not from the adds, but affiliate links on them. Nothing like boating on a Saturday and checking my phone and seeing an email over and over. "Robin, you have made a sale."
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    careful they are removing lenses that are overly promotional as a response to the last google update as is hubpages. In the end you are better off with your own domain.
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    Squidoo is like any other webpage on the internet, except starting out with a higher amount of domain trust rank than a new webpage.

    Therefore to see the best results with Squidoos begin building backlinks to it. Also regularly update the content and do what you can to get links from other Squidoo pages pointing to your Squidoo page.
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