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I just recently purchased SB and I dont really have the time now to go and scrape a good list of sites to comment on. Ive been looking and noticing that ppeople have scrapebox lists for sale.

I would really like to hear from you guys who has the best list. I really want quality lists that are not spammed and I don't mind paying a good amount for it.

I know for the better PR backlinks you will have to post manually so that its on subject and I don't mind doing that also.

Here's a couple of things I would like to know about the lists:

  • is it a good variety of PR sites meaning from PR0-10 etc...
  • Do they have some good .edu/.gov sites
  • Are they auto-approve
  • Are they spammed by other marketers
  • Is it a limit to how many copies of the lists the owner sales

I would also love it if it was something like a monthly subscription to where I would get a fresh un-spammed list every month.

Thank you
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