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by Aarron
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Hi all.

Unfortunately I have not been well and so I have not been very active online at all never mind here on the WF! However I am feeling better now and want to rejoin in the antics, so I thought I would kick off today with asking a question I would love to be answered:

Can you use Market Samurai to find the keywords your competitors use?
(If there a free or paid tool that allows you to see this?)

Hopefully someone will have the answer and hopefully this thread will help others.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

All the best,


PS: I have the FULL VERSION of Market Samurai. Thanks
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    You can go to your competitors page source and look what they've put in their URL, Title, headers, and description etc, see if what phrases are repeated most.

    Or put their url here Free Keyword Density Analyzer Tool and see if any phrases stands out

    That should give you an idea
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      Thanks for the quick reply FreeMeal, just wondered as it is something I know is possible but I have not tried to do it yet.

      Will check out the link you left too...

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    In M.S. you can go to the "SEO Competition" tab, generate the results, the click the little arrow next to your competitors url, then click "Anchor Text Analysis" from the drop down. This gives you a list of phrases used as Anchor text by that website. That should help give you an idea too.
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    Nice, thanks for that buddy
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    Semrush service is better in that aspect than MS because it was created for this purpose originally. Results of research are better.
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