.net/.com VS local domain name for SEO purposes?

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Hi everybody,

What would you recommend for a domain name on SEO purposes (in specific country)? A .net, a .com or the local extension?

Would it matter for ranking? I found different answers on the web.

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    If you register your site with Google Webmaster Tools you can specify which country it is intended for even if it does not have a country specific domain.

    If you do this, I doubt that a .co.uk (for example) would have much advantage over a .com in Google for UK searches.

    I suppose with other search engines you may miss out on local traffic if you have a .net/.com and they do not know that it's for UK users (as opposed to US for example), so it's may be better to just go with the local extension.


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    In short: If your targeted audience is local and you are so concerned about SEO, then ccTLD domain extension is more beneficial for you than TLD extension.
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    Thanks guys, I'll go for local if they are available from now on.
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