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Hi, I have been reading warrior forum and learning from it as an "outsider", so thank you first of all for all the lessons learned.

To contribute something back, I created a forum account to share with you this free report, easy to understand, really cool list for people who need to do backlinking for their articles or websites.

I hope it helps you. Enjoy.

Please consider it as Edition 1, I will update it over time, especially if some people will help by sending me info & feedback.

Thanks again and if there are any wishes, helpers, mistakes - just let me know.

Thank you for reading. Here is the link:
FREE Backlink Report | Online Profit Proof
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    Hi, I did another update, here are the changes:

    Update: 11th of June: added 15 more sites to the list and updated some of the TBC boxes
    Update: 9th of June: added StumbleUpon, added dofollowlinks column with some data
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    Your Competition Called... “They” want to know if YOU found out about THIS...

    You see, they discovered why it only takes £3.50 for Google to LOVE your site, affiliate link or offer...

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    Very nice report, will check it out right away.

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    That seems pretty good! I do think the resources is pretty useful to me!

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    very kind of you, thanks!
    if someone would like to suggest a site or knows some details please mail me through the contact form on the site - help me to help everyone - thanks
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