Google Adwords Suspended But Don't Know Why

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Today I've received a nice email from Google saying my Adwords account has been permanently suspended for repeated violations of Adwords.

I can't believe this, I've only ever had one advert going with no change to the website since it was approved and NO EMAIL from them to rectify any problem before suspending me which is what they specify they do before suspending an account.

I have written to them to find out why this has happened.

Has anyone else had any problems and been able to get their account un-suspended?
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    Sorry to hear that, you weren't skirting any gray area that the rest of us could be warned about? These days affiliates have to walk a narrow line.

    The great purge of late 2009 took out thousands of affiliates, including major players, people spending thousands a week got no better treatment than you.
    At least in that case some believe it was done by an automated algorithm based on the products being marketed.

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    I have heard of an account becoming unsuspended... once. This was because the user had honestly not 'broken' any rules whatsoever and was suspended on complete error. I've read many cases of Adwords accounts being suspended and if there is some slight vague reason it could have been, you will probably not get it back. There's no harm trying though!

    My account was suspended because of an affiliate link in a campaign... a campaign that was briefly run years ago and had been *paused* for a few years. If you have anything iffy in any paused campaigns, this can also lead to suspension. This includes low quality ads or sites that aren't even running.

    I also read one case where someone directed their ads to their own website with its own information about travel and his personal insight... the purpose of the page was for people to hopefully click on the affiliate links he provided. Despite having his own insightful content, Google disagreed that it added anything of extra value and permanently suspended his account.

    I wish you luck in getting your account back and hopefully it was just an error... but Google will find the vaguest of excuses to ban your account and if that happens, typically they will not budge for anyone or for any reason. Just a heads up!

    If you can't get it back, you could try Microsoft AdCentre ads or get a new credit card and new website and try Adwords again...
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      Thanks for coming back to me Clara and Webapex.

      I really don't know why it was suspended, the web page is a lead capture page, it hasn't changed since I submitted it 4 months ago so heaven knows why my account has been suspended.

      Guess they are a law unto themselves.
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        Originally Posted by ElaineBaker View Post

        the web page is a lead capture page
        If you read their guidelines, you'll see that you can't have a page that is nothing but an email gatherer. If that's the case, redesign your page to have real content then resubmit. You will get your account back. You are only suspended, not banned, which are two different things.
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    This has happened to many of my friends. Nothing can be done. Try their support.
    Hope they un-suspend your account.
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    Google is gone nuts first ppl make big bucks out of them n now its their turn to take back all the money
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    The dreaded google slap, my sincere condolences Elaine
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    they are like that. they suspend with no reason. happened to me so many times and nothing i could do. sorry about this. when it happens this way. what i realised is. they will keep suspending your account everytime you open a new adsense account. especially if your name and address on the new account are the same or if you re-put the adsense code on the site on which the previous adsense were prior to suspension. that's what's happening to me. it's like i can never open another adsense account.

    but i'm hoping it'll be different for you. i love all google products. but their adsense sucks big time.

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      Some folks have had this happen in the past. Google isn't really all that great to rely on solely.

      I have read stories (on this forum in fact) where people had said having their adsense accounts disabled was the best thing that ever happened to them because if it wasn't for that event they would of never pursued their current field where they are making 3x what they could of ever make with Adsense.

      On some levels I do agree with them because I've seen money come in from other venues that pay way more than Adsense would of ever of paid.

      When I first set out I was all about Adsense this and Adsense that but after reading people's stories much like the one I am reading here I changed my entire thought process on making money online.

      Building up an Adsense empire is much like building sand castles on the shore.

      At any given time something can come up and wipe out everything you have taken a long time to build.

      My approach now days is a mixed variety of affiliates, adsense, and services.

      My sites are also built on the fact they I can convert on all three venues indepently so in case for any reason one venue doesn't work I can switch up to another venue.

      In your case I hope that all your eggs were not in one basket like a lot of the folks I've read on the forums that have had their account disabled.

      One word of advice is to step back and look at your site and figure out another way to monetize the pages so that you are not left at a total loss.

      Best of luck!!!
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    We had one of our content campaigns flagged last week. Our impressions dropped to almost nothing. It was our best performing campaign. Our PPC management company called his contact at Google and all they could tell him is that it was due to people complaining about our advertising. Funny thing is, there is 20 other sites doing the same thing we are with the same exact content. Typical Google. Their customer service is awful to say the least.
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    None actually answered her question "why".

    Here is the answer:

    Google has become extremely picky, this applies to adwords as well as adsense.

    For Google, their goal is to provide what they consider "high quality" ads leading to high quality pages. Because Google makes revenue from the Ads, they do not have an interest that people searching on Google click on ads and get on low quality sites.

    I know that you will disagree (don't worry, i was suspended too LONG ago and i am glad they did ) - but a "lead capture page" is simply not what would they consider in their interest.

    What if people click on, say, "acne treatment" and all they get is a "lead capture page" but not really what the user is looking for?

    Google cannot and will not afford to have their customers (and people searching on google and clicking ads) have bad experiences with Ads which ultimately do not satisfy...otherwise people would stop clicking on the ads and Adwords would become known as the advertizing platform where "all you get is garbage if click there"

    Google therefore has an egoistical interest that their ad network (and the landing pages and products) adhere to certain quality standards, and i personally do no think that a lead capture page for list building would even remotely fit in there.

    Of course, their "policy" also applies on a more broad scale, eg. weeding out all affiliate advertisers ..simply because THEY CAN. Google doesnt lose anything if they terminate all clickbank/CPA etc. affiliates. Instead, they gain more "serious" advertisers and (possibly) also an overall higher quality of offers since ADMITTEDLY many affiliate/CPA products *are* border-line scam or low quality. Not all, but many.

    Same goes for AdSense...if you only get low CPC and low converting clicks from Sri Lanka or India (example ) it might happen they can you at some point from Adsense too. Simply because Google wants to make revenue and keep a high quality network, with clicks which CONVERT. Otherwise advertisers would stop advertising. Then rather terminate your site/account for the sake of the advertisers satisfaction.
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