SEO Help! I need to get on the first page for a low competition term....please help

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Hi Warriors,

I have a considerable level of IM experience and a decent understanding of SEO, I have ranked and driven traffic to other sites. However, I am currently having a real tuff time with a website I have developed and getting it ranking higher. I think part of the problem may be that it is an aged domain and has had a number of different builds on it before this last one.

The site is and the term is Shuswap, Shuswap BC, Shuswap Lake, shuswap classifieds, salmon arm classifieds and a bunch of other locality related terms.

The competition really is not that much, so I can't figure why I can't get it to rank better. I have a FB fanpage, twitter, youtube and flickr. I have backlinks from a handful of good sites. But, for some reason I can't get the site to get back on the first page (it was there a year or so ago, with a different build).

I really need some tips, advice on how to build this sites ranking as quickly as possible.

Any ideas would be sooooo appreciated.


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    I could probably build a site for that term and have it ranking on the first page in a few days. Just go on fiver and pay for social bookmarking, and directory submission. Make the anchor text your top keyword, and for the other gig your second keyword. Then write a bunch of articles and submit the them to directories targeting your other keywords.

    Also make pages on the site to target the really easy to rank for terms and drop a few links to those pages. For the pages it will take a month or so, for the root domain it should rank quickly.

    Also you will rank MUCH better on then
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    The .ca domain could be a small issue, but get some links flowing into it first and then have another look. Like Jeremy said, it should only take a few articles to get that motoring, no problem.
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      Thanks for the suggestions folks!

      I have sent the site to a few directories and social bookmarks. I have been building backlinks....I am a bit hesitant to use Fiver for backlinking. I don't want to cause the domain trouble, which I know can happen if one is not careful. I don't have articles submitted for this site, but I guess that i could prepare something.

      Any thoughts on what software to use (cheap or free) for submitting to directories, Social Bookmarking and or articles directories?
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        If you don't want to use Fiverr for ordering SEO services... you can also take a look at the services offered here on WF at For Hire Section or Classifieds Ads e.t.c.

        About the Software for directory submission....a good option is and very cheap

        for social bookmarking the best tool is a little bit pricey though

        for article directories the best is Article marketing Robot pricey too

        But you can also check sick submitter at
        Get Instant Access to over 500 PLR, FREE Resell Rights Products Now!
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    you must first determine the keywords and optimize them in every page. this is the starting seo optimization way
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    Hey folks,
    I did go to Fiver and bought a couple linking packages. This actually hurt my rankings.....Now I simply don't know what to do to get this ranking without getting my site slapped more....
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