Stop getting angry at spam sites beating you! - My example of QUALITY winning

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Alright, so I was trying to rank a domain back in February for a hot new fitness keyword. I was killing it to start but then the SPAMMERS came in. They really pissed me off getting THOUSANDS of backlinks for terrible link sources like blog comments and profiles, pages with thousands of other backlinks. For MONTH's they were on the first page (about 5 different sites)

I was so angry they were on the front page so I gave up on quality link building. In total I had gotten about 150 backlinks from relevant sites, and article submissions to article directories, plus a few from social bookmarking and directories. This was enough to get me on the first page of google to start but then I was squeezed out by spam sites and gave up.


I checked for my keyword and all of those spam sites are gone leaving room for my website on the first page again! I wish I had kept adding content and building links, I bet I would be even higher on the first page now.

If your competition is cheating, they will get caught. This is a good example
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