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Hi all

Ive set up a few optimised sites recently , keyword in URL , on page optimisation pretty thorough. What ive noticed is that its pretty easy to get on page one of bing and yahoo , not so google , even with a highly optimised page. I should add that the sites ive put up have a few backlinks (less than 50) but low quality , as its hard to get quality backlinks , or very time consuming. Anyhow, whilst we all know that google takes the majority of search engine volume , theres still good search volume from the other 2 , yahoo and bing. My google analytics , for the 3 sites ive put up in the last 2 weeks shows the vast majority of traffic coming from yahoo search engine. So whilst its a lot less than if i were on p1 of google , its still good traffic. Just a thought...


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    Martin: I am not saying you are wrong, in fact, I agree with you and believe that we should work to rank for all three.

    But a short time from now, the people who have their Google Blinders on will be around to tell you that you are an idiot. LOL
    Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA,
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    While Bing traffic has increased significantly for me over the last few months, what you're suggesting will eventually leave you with squat.

    Yahoo and Bing will eventually drop you down their pages. Concentrate on Google SERPs and getting quality backlinks. The other search engines will follow.

    Getting quality backlinks isn't hard and it doesn't have to cost money only your time. But the end result is worth it. If you have no time, then you need to spend money to make money.
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      retsek, thanks for your post. i am new to link building and want to build quality links. what are some ways you suggested to do that. you said that it isn't hard, it just requires the willingness to invest the time. i have time, just need some suggestions on how to get those quality links. thanks!
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    I always focused just trying to rank on google, but I found one of my sites was getting quite alot of traffic from yahoo, so its definitely worth while trying to rank for them all.
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      Originally Posted by Dan2008 View Post

      I always focused just trying to rank on google, but I found one of my sites was getting quite alot of traffic from yahoo, so its definitely worth while trying to rank for them all.
      Bing, Yahoo rank is fine but, Google has more usage than the two. Google rank is still better. I also notice that yahoo traffic on my blog than google.
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    I feel the same way about PPC for Yahoo vs Google. You may get a lot more traffic through Google but to me it seems that you get higher quality traffic and less people just surfing through Yahoo.
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    I wouldn't discount traffic from any source. You don't want to "forget Google" as the traffic will eventually greatly exceed any traffic you get from Yahoo and Bing combined and times 7 or more.
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    not that I need to but it does arise to rank somebody in bing what are your suggestions to do so. ?
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    What do you actually have to do that is different to rank between yahoo bing and google ?

    I have just been optimising on page seo and building backlinks and hoping the ranks would rise for all of them ?
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    This is a decent article about the differences between Yahoo, Google, and Bing.

    The Differences Between SEO for Yahoo!, Bing, and Google
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    Bing + Yahoo = Who cares?

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      Originally Posted by Rich Struck View Post

      Bing + Yahoo = Who cares?
      It should be Bing + Yahoo = Bahooooo! Cares?

      I look at them both as being a litte "extra" traffic, but although I don't discount them, I wouldn't recommend optimizing a website for them specifically, especially if the optimization is in conflict with what Google looks for.
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    O really...I don't think I can neglect a search engine with 65%+ market share.

    Sorry Martin I cannot agree with you.

    You are suggesting to rely on search engines having only 14% of market share each??? In other words we are making our business scope limited.

    Yahoo + Bing both don't send event 20% of the traffic which I am getting from Google, so I hope you understand.

    Instead of relying on 2 engines with small market share, why don't rely on a single one with a lot of potential.

    Source: May 2011 Search Engine Market Share from comScore, Compete, Hitwise* - Search Engine Watch (#SEW)

    Good Luck
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