what are the traffic/revenue metrics for adsense?

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I'm trying to see what the return on investment would be for setting up a site that has display advertising on it.

The three stats I typically look at are:
unique visitors per month
total visits per month
total page views per month

I would think the total page views per month would be a good one to focus on for adsense, since I believe you can place up to three adsense blocks per page.

How many page views per month would one realistically need to get $1000 per month from adsense?

I know the ad rates will vary. But I'm looking for a basic ratio. Maybe even something like "this many page views will typically return you one dollar of adsense revenue."

Right now I can't tell if you need 1 million page views or 1000 page views to generate one dollar of adsense revenue.

If you need a million page views just to earn $5, that seems like a bad return on investment.
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