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Hey Warriors,

I'm looking for more blog networks, here are what I'm using now:

1. ArticleMarketingAutomation
2. SEOLinkvine
3. ArticleRanks

Thinking of expanding that with NichePressPlatinum, FreeTrafficSystem and Other network, can anyone recommend some good ones?

I'm concern about NPP, anyone still using that?

Another type of network like:

1. Linkvana
2. BuildMyRank
3. LinxBoss ...

Any other suggestion? How about linkamotion, anyone try that?

Thanks for the suggestion!

Kok Choon
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    I use AMA..... best article with keyword
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    i plan to use seo linkvine, i found 2 affiliate links with special price of $47 instead of $67. The item title is "SEOLinkVine Membership Special Offer" instead of the "SEOLinkVine Membership" from the official website. The item ID is 281 instead of 101 from official website. I wonder if it is official and real seo linkvine? anyone have real discounted link? TQ.

    https : // ssl . clickbank . net /order/orderform.html?time=1309523357&vvvv=73656f6c76&ite m=281&cbskin=192&cbfid=205&cbf=PCDWEP2FD2&vvar=cbf id%3D205%26cbskin%3D192

    https : // ssl . clickbank . net /order/orderform.html?time=1309523416&vvvv=73656f6c76&ite m=281
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    article ranks and build my ranks are my favorites
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    Thanks. Anyone try NichePressPlatinum & Articleblueprint?

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    I never hear NichePressPlatinum before. What is the url for NichePressPlatinum?
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      Hi Kok,

      From the ones you mentioned in the list I use or have used the following:

      1. SEOLinkvine - I don't think this network is very effective, but given that I had bought an SEOLinkVine lifetime membership, I will keep on using it. The major problem with this network is that syndication is very poor (very few articles get submitted over a period of time). Another problem is that the articles are not checked for quality, so your articles can end up on sites containing poorly spun articles and articles with crap content.

      2. BuildMyRank - The general consensus is that this is one (if not) the best network. I too have seen some decent results as a result of using the network (though nothing out of this world as reported by some people). However this network has lost some of its effectiveness as many domains in the network are losing PR (I have posted 1116 articles to the network, but 263 articles of these are lying on PR0 domains).

      3. LinxBoss - I have seen some decent results (for some domains) and some bad results (for some other domains) as a result of using this network. However my experience is slightly more to the negative side than that to the positive side. In fact, I was going to cancel my subscription a few months ago, but I sticked on with it due to the fact that I was seeing some decent results for some keywords. Lately they have been doing some positive changes to the network (like adding a lot of categories) so I think I will keep using it, at least for the time being.

      4. Linkamotion - This network looks similar in nature to BMR. I have seen some decent movement for at least one keyword I am currently targeting with Linkamotion. The advantage of this network over BMR is that they accept 100 word spun articles (BMR only accepts original articles which are at least 150 words long). Having said this, Linkamotion still puts emphasis on quality and any poorly spun articles, any articles with the same titles and any poorly written articles are rejected.

      5. Niche Press Platinum - I have used this for a long time but I cancelled just a couple of days ago. This network was down for months and I made a mistake of keeping on with it. The thing is that I had submitted a lot of spun articles to this network so I was hoping for things to get back to normal. Though the network came back online, most of the links that I previously got from the network were not restored. To be honest they are trying to bring the network back to its knees by checking the spin-formatted articles for quality before these are accepted into the network. However they still have several issues like posts not being indexed and worse still entire domains being deindexed (not suprising given the amount of garbage that has been submitted to the network). Moreover, NPP's network is based on domains that have a PR of N/A or PR 0, so even without the issues mentioned above it would still be less effective than the above mentioned networks.

      I am using (or have used) other networks but that's it for now.


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    Hi James,

    Thanks and appreciate your detail review helping me here.

    At least I got this to look at... at this moment, I'm trying to find more good blog network, if I can't find one, I might find some person who had private network to work with, I had some ideas how to improve these network...

    Do PM me if you have some great ones,

    Kok Choon

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    I used linkvana for about 6 months, and it worked well till the Panda update. I got hit hard, but it was also probably my fault as I just relied on that network alone (got lazy). Not making that mistake again. Using BMR now....
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    Interesting, seems like Google is catching up blog network fast!

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