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Hi, I'm new to all this and I've been working on getting my site up for some days now. I'm french canadian and I wrote the whole website in french. SO!
1)Will my website be seen by every internet users ? By this, I mean, are french speaking people (France and Canada) going to see my website displayed if they type (my keyword) in google ? I'm hosting the site with Hostgator.
2)Are the ads going to change whether the traffic comes from France or Canada ?
3)Should my backlinks be from french-written sites or can they be in english too ?
4) When writing french websites, should I take in account competition from USA, and other countries (and therefore get a plugin to see all websites displayed in google search) ?
5) Do you think I should rather work my ass off on getting english-written websites up or stick with french ? I didn't find a lot of high CPC keywords in french, but the competition is less intense of course.

Thank you
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    Bump, anyone please ?
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    1. Will be seen when people search with french keywords on google.us or .ca or .fr
    2.Ads will be french and most will be from france, if you want from .ca you must have a .ca domain and target location in google webmaster tool
    3. Backlinks from french sites will be more efficient if you target french users and rankings.
    4. No, if you target french ranking then your competitors will be french sites
    5. If you're good in french, write in french, otherwise check google keyword in both french and english to see witch is worth to start.
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