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I am hearing more and more cases of Adsense accounts being terminated. And because of this, I feel the need to speak up.

we are the ones losing.
So now, I am asking for all publishers to stop doing the junk spamy sites, stop copycatting sites, stop clicking your own ads, stop building sites based on top paying keywords, stop asking your friends to click on your ads, and STOP ALL THIS NONSENSE!

If you want to earn from Adsense - do it honestly. Do it right the first time.

First of all, you need to understand that Adsense is not a Get-Rich-Quick scheme.

If you want to earn from Adsense, you need website(s) that gets a lot of traffic. Spend 1 to 6 month building this site. Provide good content and then you'll start to see the income coming.

Here are a few type of websites that you can build.

You can build a portal/community type website and leverage from the repeat visitors. Alang is a webmaster that does this. He runs and And I know that he's doing quite well with this. It takes time to get to where he is right now.

Or you can pick a topic that you are familiar with and start blogging. If you keep posting good content, you will see that loyal readers will tend to flock to your site again and again. Lcf runs which talks about gadgets and technology.

If you can build websites, you can pick a good topic and build a very tight niche content site. Some people may think that there's a secret to this. Well - here it is. The secret is in choosing the right keywords and in building inbound links. Jawa does this, and because of copycats, he now refuses to show his websites. I have the same reason not to reveal my sites too.

All these people are doing quite OK with their Adsense. And I know for a fact that these people are honest earning it. I know that they have received their cheques more than a few times. But their sites exist longer than that.

If you want to earn a good living, and make it last, you must build your sites the right way the first time. Be honest about it. Yes - it takes time. It's normal for a site to take 1 to 6 months before seeing the first click. But having a long-lasting steady income is better than just getting a one go at it before you are banned from the program.

It's not an overnight success. It takes time and effort.

So I urge people to do it once, and do it right. Build your business on a good foundation and stop all these nonsense! .
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    Everything your saying is very true...but...perhaps we should be telling google to stop the nonsense that is is all that about. ;-)
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      why do you feel that panda is the main reason behind this?
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    And you learned everything about adsense so quickly?
    Supp with your other adsense threads?

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      its nice to see that you are looking at my progress well its not like i learnt about adsense over night someone out there heard my cry for help and offerd to coach me luckyly its someone living nearby and willing to be a friend i am realy learning a lot from him.your contribution on my progres will be much apriciated
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        I have to respectfully disagree with the OP on this one. I like a lot of adsense guys didn't get into internet marketing to sit and write endless articles about how I like baseball or something like that. Then pray to the Google gods and hope that Google will be so kind to give me traffic and then hope that the traffic will be interested in the ads on my site.

        I got into internet marketing to make money and discover how to work the internet for my benefit. To become an internet expert and use the expertise to make money. You may have your loyalties to Google and adsense, I on the other hand look at it as a tool to make money. If its not adsense then its something else. Its a difference of opinion. You look at guys like me and think we're the scammers and I look at guys like you and think you're the suckers playing by the big boss mans rules. We see things differently but theres no need to stop the nonsense. My MFA sites drive quality targeted traffic to Googles advertisers and thats all the advertisers want to begin with. Google would take advantage of me to make money and I will do the same to them.
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    Originally Posted by unkle cortez View Post

    Or you can pick a topic that you are familiar with and start blogging. If you keep posting good content, you will see that loyal readers will tend to flock to your site again and again. Lcf runs which talks about gadgets and technology.
    I have a grand total of 6 domains. Each one has squidoo, blogs, and twitter
    attached. I add more content regularly. Build "solid"(?) backlinks daily.

    I have an HUGE interest in 4 of them. The other 2, kind of orphans, but
    still stand alone quite well. The 4 started out as "hobbies."

    6 months ago I made more than I did 1 year ago. 3 months ago I made
    more than I did 6 months ago. Last month I made more than the previous month.

    I am very against people tossing together 100 MFA. Or the term I coined: JFA
    JFA: Just for adsense.

    I also dislike people using adsense for what it was not. As you state, a get rich
    quick scheme.

    You don't have to do zip for keyword research, however. Pick a topic you like.
    Any topic, subject, or niche, can make money.

    In fact, the more you get caught up in "high paying niche" crapola, the more
    you think of how to shmooze it and get rich quick.

    It's amazing how friends I know have taken something like a model train blog,
    for enjoyment, and turned it into a $2,000+ monthly supplemental income.
    They are not in danger of a ban, nor does it cross their mind. They are not
    looking for ways to finagle more income.

    I've said many, many times, that the more people tout ways around google
    adsense TOS, the more heavy-handed google will be. And you are so right.
    That is NOT good for the rest of us.

    I don't know who you are, but this post is a little odd considering your
    other one:
    Do you have an alter-ego? Sharing an account? ?


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    nice word man
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