Get Google Adsense Account Approved By Using Flixya

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Just follow the below mentioned steps and you will get adsense approval in just 2 days.

Go to It’s a Video sharing website.

Register your account there and share at least 3 videos or PPT Presentations. Create blogs and share your articles from that blogs, also share some images and photos.

Then when you create your profile on this website you get a new form in the 2nd step, i.e. the google adsense registration form. Enter a valid email address to open a adsense account. I prefer gmail for better results.
After you sign up it gives you a publication Id and then after 2 days your account will be approved.

This is one of the tricks to get you google adsense approval in just 2 days.
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    Another trick is DOmain ownership page creation and the statement about it. Applying thorugh that spacific page. it gets me Adsense account in flat 2 hours
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    You can also get adsense through docstoc. Just add 10 articles and apply for adsense and you will eventually get approved by them.
    And also, there are many revenue sharing sites through which you can get adsense fast and easily. Just apply through them.
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    Looking interesting. I wanna do a try. Thanks for the thread.
    Learn SEO, Affiliate Marketing, CPA, and Make Money Online !!!!!!!

    Keep your house pest free and be healthy, wealthy, and happy. Get Rid of House Insects. :)
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    Hmm, usually i will search for and select some non adsense, updating blog site and no about me widget and apply. Approve within 24hours =D
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    Awesome Trick Raja =O!!!
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  • Profile picture of the author donkiston is best choice for me for approval of adsense account. it is easy and fast.
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    great information shared by you, thanks for sharing it
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    Thanks for sharing.
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      Thank you for sharing this post. But when you was approved on such a sites and then you put your ads on another site it can happen that google ban your account. Google Adsense programm have very strenght rules.
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    This looks interesting. Let me try flixya. If not getting approval let me go to docstoc.
    Thanks for sharing some tips for Google Adsense Account.
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    Great methods. I have not used Adsense for a long time but it's good to know this info. You need always to keep up to date.
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    i've tried using blogger and i didn't get approved.They sent me an email saying:

    Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. Unfortunately, after
    reviewing your application, we're unable to accept you into Google
    AdSense at this time.

    We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below.


    - Page type


    Further detail:

    Page type: Your website is a type of website that we do not currently
    accept into our program. Such websites include, but are not limited to,
    chat sites, sites that drive traffic through cybersquatting, and sites
    that use excessive keywords in the content or code of their pages.


    I only posted original/unique content.The content was about the most common spine problems and i also posted some exercises.I was surprised to read that i was ""cybersquatting"" and ""using excessive keywords in content"" while i was thinking i was offering value/help/info to people who would search for it. Go figure!

    I will probably try some of the methods from this thread.

    BTW,how many tries do i get?

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    thanks for sharing
    GUARANTEEE $3000/month, i made it in 2 months.
    just Check This Out before you late
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    Thanks a lot for sharing. However, the traditional method of getting Google AdSense approval has become more complex from the 31st August, just read that Google AdSense blog post, and they have put up a new set of instructions in order to approve your application.
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    i only create 5 unique nonsense post with blogspot then approved within 3days
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