To dig the sand out of the box or to scrap completely?

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My first site, after its domain was de-indexed, is back on Google under its original blogspot URL with it scrubbed clean of all traces of the "domain". I think its sand-boxed from making the changes to bring it back to its Blogger domain (a case of damned if you do, damned if you don't), though. Here is the dilemma:

Should I keep it going and hope it comes out of the penalty box eventually, or save my content and nuke the Blogger account. I can see points in favour of both approaches.

In favour of riding it out: its now listing on Yahoo at least, hasn't vanished off the face of Google entirely, should come out of its sand-boxed status over time (I would assume away), and is the path of least resistance: its already on Blogger and I can keep it alive by publishing a couple times a week.

In favour of nuking it: I have a new domain on a hosting package with unlimited domains, and where I have more control and flexibility than I do on Blogger. I also have an affiliate product I got a free copy of, and I can spin enough of my own content to launch for peanuts a new .info domain that's laser targeted to the affiliate product. The extra content on Blogger, that I don't want to re-write for the new site, I can upload to something like Constant Content as PLR before nuking the account on Blogger.

Both seem viable, and I'm really torn between them (as in every day I weigh this over, and the again, and again but can't come to a decision).

With the above in mind, and the fact that the vast majority of you are more knowledgeable on sand-boxing and PLR, I'm looking for feedback on what you'd do in my position, and an idea or two as to the how (if in favour of keeping the site, for instance, then any advice on getting it out of the penalty box would be more helpful than I simple "keep it" response).

Footnote: after I began to suspect it was sand-boxed, I submitted a request to G a few days ago for reconsideration. No reply yet but they warned on submission that it would take awhile to consider the request
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    Originally Posted by Spyder77 View Post

    I'm looking for feedback on what you'd do in my position
    I'd avoid Blogspot.

    For all the reasons explained in this thread and this thread and this thread and so many others like them.
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    I kind of mentioned how I'd become soured on Blogspot already. :p

    That's why I opted to buy my own domain and hosting (from separate companies). I'm taking it you favor the nuke option. Yours is an opinion here that I really respect, and its in-line with that gut part of me that really, really wants to be rid of Blogger completely.

    I'll take a look at the threads. And put some more thought and research into how best to salvage my content there. Still open meantime to any points of view on either side of the coin, and any advice on where to submit it as PLR aside from Constant Content (in the event CC rejects any submissions and I don't want to recycle it).
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