How long does it take you to find a keyword for a niche site?

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So I have been sitting here for a couple hours doing some keyword research, as I am looking to make a new niche site in an attempt to find a keyword that will work for a niche site. I am having no luck finding any good niche keyword ideas as I am looking at the gaming niche which I am interested in as I am running a blog about MMOs.

So I was just wondering if you were to sit down right now to try and find a keyword to include in a domain name that you would purchase to start a niche site how long would it take you? Just to find the right keyword and buy the domain not set up the site.
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    Well to start its taking me days to find the right niche site keyword idea... I guess I must be missing something.

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    The answer depends on what tools and metrics you are using.

    Sometimes I have spent days and days searching for good keywords and other days I find a really good one (or a whole bunch of related ones) in a few minutes.

    Having a good keyword research tool can certainly make a HUGE difference in the amount of time you need to spend on finding a good keyword.
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    Sometimes I can find something within a couple of hours, but sometimes I come away empty handed. I decided to change tactic a few weeks ago and spent two days straight doing some mass analysis and research - I came away with a list of about 40 usable keywords and bought 12 domains the same day.

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    When I have the main keyword for the niche or sub niche, it's usually pretty easy to get the long tail kw's
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    I am completely agree with UMS, manual research is little cumbersome. You need to use a good keyword research tool like Keyword Country for a thorough keyword research.

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    When I first started doing keyword reasearch it could take me a couple of hours to a few days to find a decent one.

    With all the tools I use now I can usually find a decent keyword in under an hour, but I really like to find great keywords and those can still take a bit longer to find.

    For me keyword research is more of an art. Knowing where to get keyword ideas from helps, along with software programs that pull keywords from other places than the google keyword tool.
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