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I want to rank first for my three word phrase keyword. There is already a threewordphrase dot com by someone else and ranks poorly. I want to make a blog that reviews products and has high readership and content but dont want the url to be corny or pushy to my readers by using threewordphrasereviews or threewordphraseblog dot com

Will any of the below names be bad for SEO compared to threewordphrase dot com?

threewordphrase2 dot com
bestthreewordphrase dot com
threewordphrase dot info
threeword[extrawordhere]phrase dot com

any other suggestions for such a choice?
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    I've had good success with the word "best" at the front. It's a buyer keyword and you can ultimately rank for the main three keyword phrase with it anyway. I've also had success putting a term at the end such as "blog" or "store".

    Personally I wouldn't bother with the .info but that's just my limited experience with a couple of those.
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    Stick with the EMD and just use an alternate extension like .info or .net or .biz, etc.
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    Your main keywords should be in website address for best seo and also .com prefixes are generally prefered.

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  • still getting contradicting info here. c'mon guys help a noob out!

    will my readers ignore .info sites? this will be a blog about health for age group: 35-50. i know i would but maybe others don't.

    does bestThreeWordPhrase sound too corny or pushy *for a blog and review site* ? or many people have had success here.

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    Two word keywords will be fine, after all I think .com's does not matter in this seo field
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