Top Rankings and Multiple Backlinks: Which one is the hardest to get top rankings against?

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I am interested in your opinions when trying to start up a new site in a local area only. When you see PR5 rankings and another competitive site has (97) back links, which is easier to overcome with the known SEO techniques.

Also, what are your favorite links/resources for verify rankings and amount of back links of sites?
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    Hi Curbstompin,

    SERP rankings are not based on PR nor backlink count.

    PR is used to weight the value of outbound links.

    Backlinks are important, but it's not the number of backlinks, but the total power of backlinks, based on relevance, PR and Trust.
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    If you get quality backlinks from other sites your PR will automatically improve
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      Thanks for the replies guys. So I guess what I am asking. If there are two competitive sites for the keywords and area I am trying to beat. Should I be more worried about the 97 back links who's PR is 0 or the site that has PR5 with just 5 back links.

      As I am new to this I am trying to see which one is going to be harder to beat. I plan on beating both of them am just concerned about both of the sites as they are SERP1&2 listed sites that I am competing against.

      I appreciate the info so far. Everyday you learn something new.
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        also remember that your on page SEO factors have to be set up properly as well. if you can do this right you will not have to build as many links as your competitors because you have on page leverage.

        when doing SEO you dont want to be single minded. if you are effective on both sides of playing field "on pages SEO" & "off page SEO" then you will overcome your competition.
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          Thanks for the reply again. I am putting equal efforts into both sides off and on-site. I know one of sites in question, the top SERP 1, does have high PR and good on-site SEO as well. but little back links showing up. I am hoping to crush it either way but am definitely curious of others opinions who have experienced similar battles which was easiest to beat.
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