What do you think about SEO tool i.e. SEO Powersuite?

by Mike5
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The SEO PowerSuite bundle makes SEO optimization easy and affordable. You don't need to be a SEO placement pro in order to make it work, either.

Your ideas/suggestions/feedback highly appreciated.
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    SEO Powersuite sounds really interesting. Can you give more information about it? Especially about prices, discounts etc.
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      SEO powersuite is a awesome!! It allows you to do the work of a Seo consultant.

      I use it for my business and it gives you a neat report on ways to improve your Seo structure and it evaluates your current Seo structure and scores it.

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        @Olivier Soren, @siwell16: thank you for your high appreciation of SEO PowerSuite! Your words are really important for us!
        SEO PowerSuite - the most trusted SEO software on the market!
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    i am using the rank tracker only from the powersuite and loving it
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    SEO Powersuite is a mixed bag, IMO.

    Rank Tracker is amazing. Checks where your site's pages are ranking on Google and lets you know where you need to put your SEO efforts in to make a big change. I use that everyday.

    SEO Spyglass is a tool that everyone else seems to like a lot more than me. It finds pages that link to your site, or to a competitors, and for that, it's really good. 90% of the time, though, I don't use that information for anything, though, so it's of questionable value to me.

    Website Auditor doesn't seem to do very much. I've spent the least amount of time playing with this program, so maybe I'm missing it, but all it seems to do is make a long report about your on-page SEO that is kind of tricky to figure out.

    Link Assistant is something that helps you do link exchanges, but it's still largely manual in nature. And those are not only difficult to manage, but also kind of useless nowadays, so I don't think there's any value here.

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      SEO Spyglass on it's own is a fantastic tool, currently working through the others in the free trial before I take the plunge.
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      Originally Posted by Odhinn View Post

      SEO Powersuite is a mixed bag, IMO.
      Website Auditor doesn't seem to do very much. I've spent the least amount of time playing with this program, so maybe I'm missing it, but all it seems to do is make a long report about your on-page SEO that is kind of tricky to figure out.
      I think you may be missing it.

      I ran website auditor on the homepage of one of my sites last night. I considered it was well optimized. It came out about 40%. I worked for about 3-4 hours on a single page, for a 2 word keyphrase implementing all the suggestions. I got the site up to high 70's (%). When I finished, I ran it through Tafic Travis just to see if the results were a genuine improvement or just seo powertools liked it.. it had gone from 'C' to 'A' in TT.

      I am confident, my existing google page 1 placing will go up a place or two, to overtake my main competitor and sit just under the product manufacturer at position 2 (I am sitting place 3 or 4 at present).

      It was a lot of work but this product guided me through it all. I think it is an awesome product and can't wait to unleash it on my other sites.

      I am also liking the simplcity of the following site at the moment.
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    Link Assistant has a lot of built-in stuff for tracking relationships. Sure, you don't need the whole link exchange verification stuff, but you can use it for managing "linking relationships" you have with other website/blog owners. It keeps stuff all in one place, at least.

    If you don't own it already, then it probably isn't worth the investment just for that, but I bought the suite a while back and can use it for managing link relationships.
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    I too have been using SEO Powersuite and its really is a must have tool for each internet marketer or I say SEO. Rank tracker is my favorite because it saves tons of time.
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      Good tool that turns in to a monthly or yearly fee in about 6months. I guess thats not bad for what it does just gotta read the fine print.
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        Thanks for your feedback.

        You can get all details at SEO-Powersuite.com
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          I too am using the SEO Powersuite tools and it's some of the best software that I've used. BUT, for keyword research, I suggest sticking with GAKT or using Market Samurai.

          In my experience, Rank Tracker is a consultants dream and so is the Website Auditor. But Rank Tracker needs to be used to keep track of your rank (gee, really ?) and not for Ke research. Other than that, I love the tools and it's functionality. It is a little pricey (about $600 for the enterprise edition) but it worth the money. Just my .02.
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        Help Link Assistant Live Plan Expired | Chameleon Web Services

        They make little to no mentioned of the Link Suite Live! you have to purchase to continue using the software you've bought.

        Put me off going from trial to full version, I don't mind a subscription fee, just be honest about it.
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  • I am not fan of SEO Powersuit! It takes quite lot of time to bring up the results. Also, the old man SEO way (link exchange). I don't think this is a good technique to build backlinks even according to Google. However, I like SEO Spy Glass alot.
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    I love Spyglass and Rank Tracker. Don't really care for the rest of the suite. Maybe I should give website auditor a test drive.

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    It looks awesome , but havent idea , because i didnt found any crack for this software :p :p :p Actually i havent money on my paypal account just now . As i saw too much advertisement about seo powersuite , i will buy this tools asap .
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    I use Spyglass a lot but have a problem with the Links Back column showing No (link missing) when in fact the links are in place and I have verified them.
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    Yes I have found backlink aspect of seo spyglass doesnt work (or at least doesnt work at present anyway)


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    I use this and I think it's great. I use Rank Tracker and SEO Spyglass mostly. I remember when I first used it, it took me about an hour to get a good grasp of it and perhaps a little longer to play with all the features. I don't use the other two modules as much.
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