Why is Webmaster Tools not picking up my backlinks ( 2 PR7's) + many more

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I'm getting a little concerned with my link building efforts as i'm pulling some great ones in - but they just aren't appearing in my webmaster tools or showing up in Yahoo.

For example - 2 PR7 blogroll links on:

I have a link on 2 separate PR^ CNBC pages (which are very popular) - so are definately indexed as they are major section pages.

About 3 more good PR6 links on home pages.

I really haven't got a clue as some of these are months old and they still aren't showing up.
These are poipular sites - not obscure minisites that get crawled once in a blue moon.

Does anyone know what is going on / have advice?

This is all rather confusing :confused:
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    Google Webmaster tools takes forever for the backlinks to show up. You should try a free software such as SerpAttacks and run the backlink checker for your site.

    Stop wasting time. Just do it!

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    Webmaster tools takes ages to update. Links are probably there, you just need to wait a bit longer.
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    Thanks for the feedback guys. It's not only webmaster tools i can't see them in Yahoo either. The annoying thing with one of them is it was there - then it suddenly disappeared (but it's still on the site.) I'm probably worrying over nothing and it's gotten lost with all the others.

    “Never try to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and it annoys the pig.” Robert Heinlein

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    Originally Posted by Mike Grant View Post

    Stop counting backlinks and keep building more.
    Good point Mr Grant. You will NEVER EVER see every single one of your back links that are indexed. NEVER! You are concentrating on the wrong thing. Focus on where the page that your sending the back links to is ranking in the search engines and is the rank improving.

    I am working on a new blog that will cover everything I do to rank a website. Even though it says "Local SEO" the same strategies work for affiliate marketing as well.

    Local SEO Renegade
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