BMR Question, 5 domains but does that include as many inner pages as you want ?

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Hi guys,
Just started my free 10 links with BMR and added my first 5 domains but i`m not sure does that mean i can backlink to as many inner pages of each 5 domains as i want ? So if a domain has 50 inner pages i can backlink all 51 urls ??

thanks Jim
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      Yes, you can link to as many inner pages as you want. You are limited to 10 posts/DOMAIN per day. So if you're trying to rank 100 pages, just keep that limitation in mind.

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    yup to answer your question, you can have as many inner pages as long they are from the same 5 domains. Even if you have more than 5 domains, you can archive the domains that you are not using which is good. At any point of time you only can have 5 active domains and unlimited archived domains unless you upgrade to bigger plans.
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    Of course, you can do that.
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    There's also only a limit (based on your price level) on how many ACTIVE domains you can use. You can swap domains in and out, but can only have active domains at your price level.
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    do you have to use original content with BMR or spun articles with more than 40% will getaccepted?
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    They say that you have to use original content, and to be honest its pretty easy to write 150 word posts, can do the 10 a day in about an hour with focus. You can submit one article then just re-word it and submit I guess depending on how many versions you have to spin together, will depend on if they get accepted.
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    I didn't know about the archiving domains. How do you do that and is there at time limit on it outside of the 10/day thing?
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