Google Punishes Purchased Sites?

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Purchased my first website off someone this week. It was ranked #6 for a very competitive keyword. This was the case for 3 days before I brought it.

I had some problems for two days getting the dns right (I made it oscillate between its old host and my host) and files over (the site had php errors from a change of hosts).

The site is fine now, but the rankings... It seems when I switched the dns, now the site is no where to be found in the search results for the keyword. What's going on here?

One theory I had is Google removes sites who's servers are down from their rankings (and hopefully puts em back when they show reliability again.)
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    Been about one week since the purchase and its reappeared in the rankings for its competitive keyword. Hallelujah! Google must de-list sites that are down to provide a better user experience.
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    No sense having a site in the SERP if it can't be found on the server.

    I would say that was what it was.

    Tim Pears

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    Your site being offline can hurt your rankings. Since everything seems to work now, you'll probably get back to your old position soon.
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    I wouldn't worry too much, its likely caused by the small downtime and the rankings will come back.
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    If your website is down for at least 3 months or so you will lose your ranking for good and you would have to restart over. At least that's what Matt cutts said.
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    Was just a google dance, cause bot came and didn't find your site online, then came again, found it...woila!

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