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Hey Guys,

I am hoping that someone can shed some light on a problem I am having.

I am just learning SEO and recently had my website redesigned as well as had a CMS installed so I could upload new content and so forth.

I had been adding content to the newly built site but no link building yet except for a few Web 2.0 sites.

I had been trying to add Jonathan Leger's 3 Way Linking to the home page but haven't been able to get it right yet so its not online.

That said, after the last Google slap my site had steady rankings but then all of a sudden began falling off a cliff. Now, I am no where to be found for my 4 main KW's.

I did notice also that there were some 32,000 page extensions on my site from Pharmacutical Ads and such which freaked me out. I called my Web Master and had him start taking the pages off (I think the server was hacked or something) and the pages are beginning to come down (they're around 5,200 now and falling).

I think that is what was being a drag on my site's rankings and when I discovered it and began resolving that problem that is when my rankings were gone.

Here is what I think:

Those irrelevant pages were a drag on my rankings and then once I started adding relevant content and eliminating those irrelevant pages Google began to get confused as to what was going on and/or their algorithm is still readjusting the new information.

So, as a result, Google has killed my rankings for now and then will readjust them in short order once the irrelevant pages are gone and there is only new relevant content left.

Can some of the more experienced SEO Warriors confirm, deny, or add to my conclusion?

Thanks so much.

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    Hi Billy,

    Were you hacked after the CMS was added or before?

    One of the problems with using off the shelf website modules is that many people can analyze the source code for weaknesses to exploit. You typically need to make modifications to foil the most common exploits.

    Having such a large number of irrelevant links can certainly do your site harm. I could not tell by your post whether these were comment spam or actual pages. If they were just comments, then remove the comments but leave the pages intact. Taking indexed pages offline will cause them to be dropped from the indexes.

    Once you have things fixed you can start building a few backlinks, the robots will come by and see that is well and reindex your pages.

    I recommend that you create a Google Webmaster Tools account if you don't have one already. It will allow you to see if Google is having any issues crawling or indexing your site.
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    I think you meant you had a code injection flow? its happening alot these days, but the thing is most code injection redirects to pages outside of your host, but to be vulnerable to the degree that there are complete pages added to your server :|

    Anyway, if thats the case then ofcourse its the reason behind your slapping, make sure you remove them, open a webmaster tools account as mentioned above and upload your sitemap to it, also it will let you keep track of what pages the bots access and what problems it faces.
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