Which social bookmark gave you traffic? For me it was:

by Kikos
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Hi, it seems some social bookmarking is "useless" and from some others you can get a link as well as traffic.

So I would like to share mine and ask for yours - Looking in Google Analytics which social bookmarking place did you get any traffic from.

For me, from all that I bookmarked I only saw:
- stumbleupon
- reddit (which refuses to accept any more submissions from me of the same website after i bookmarked only 12 of my articles over 6 day period)
- although not social bookmarking exactly but i get a little bit from yahoo answers also but they can basically delete you at any point for putting links so...

Thanks for sharing other effective backlinking URLs.

Also as a side point if you know of some free tool to submit to different places with minimal work like Amplify or IMautomator or SocialMonkey or Tubemogul for videos please share as I share.

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    I always bookmark in stumble upon and digg whenever I post a new post in my website. These 2 are very good bookmarking service and stumbleupon produces some traffics also.
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      Originally Posted by Michiko Karabin View Post

      I always bookmark in stumble upon and digg whenever I post a new post in my website. These 2 are very good bookmarking service and stumbleupon produces some traffics also.
      For me too, it was stumble upon. . They are the most popular bookmarking site in the internet.
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    Sure those might give you traffic and others might not, but in my opinion you still need to be doing the social bookmarking that isn't giving you traffic because it's easy links and every link counts!

    Makin' money, stackin' paper.

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    I use

    Bookmarking on this sites gets me near 100 instant visitor so this sites are working like a charm for me...
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    Digg gave me some traffic initially, but StumbleUpon is the one that sends traffic daily.

    However, I personally use social bookmarking to build backlinks and more importantly to get indexed fast.

    To get any real traffic from social bookmarking, your bookmarked post has to be one of those "link bait" kind of content.
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    These are what I use social bookmarking
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    I do bookmarking on
    stumble upon
    and fark.
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  • Profile picture of the author deehibbs
    I do all of the above but I submit them through onlywire.com it has a free service that gives you up to 300 submissions per month.The paid service i use is 2500 submissions for about 45 usd.It involves selecting and signing up to any of the 45 social media site they promote(which includes all of the ones above.) It is a bit time consuming to set up but well worth it .You download the onlywire bookmark and share bar on fire fox browser and once you've published your post you simple click on the share icon, sign in add title keyword description and post.This will auto submit to the sites you have selected on auto pilot.Another great way to get backlinks is through the tribe pro .Works on reciprocation and uses only wire as well.
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    For me, I am making good traffic at digg.com and stumbleupon. Everytime I have new post, I am bookmarking them on the two top social bookmarking sites
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  • Profile picture of the author faysal969
    Always I share my links using Google tool bar's share button. There have a large list of bookmarking sites. Among them stumble upon, Digg, Reddit, LinkedIn are good.
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  • Profile picture of the author mashaa
    Of all social sites there are three that I really value.

    1. stumble upon--- This is the best for any one who needs traffic back to their site. Unlike in twitter where it depends on how popular your posts are stumble upon just brings in the traffic.

    2. I have just mentioned twitter. Yes twitter is good for your reputation and interaction with your buyers. I also tend to think that thier link to has some weight attached to every tweet which is cool for your rankings.

    Finally.... There is delicious. For seo purposes this is the place to land. Its hard to get a link from here but every link carries tonnes of weight with it. Linkedin follows closely in this case.

    I can do your articles at competitive prizes.

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  • Profile picture of the author Levira
    It's twitter and stumbleupon for me.
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