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Do you think there is any difference between paid list members and free list members? I mean between PPC leads and the other free ones built from forums and networking such as "yahoo answers".... Or leads ARE leads in terms of response rates ?? Please share your experience!
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    Yahoo answers brings ok conversions but ppc brings great conversions.

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    I think Answers can work quite well if you make sure you answer questions that are ULTRA-related to your website... which can be hard. It's easy to find a lot of "sideways" related questions, but having the exactly answer where you hit it RIGHT on the head, well, that can take some finding.


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    It is highly possible that prospects in the same niche - from different sources can respond quite differently to the same offer.

    Guess what?

    You'll just have to track and test each single source of traffic if you want to find out.

    Hope This Helps!!


    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

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      Hi DavidSaaf,

      From my experience PPC tends to corral the overwhelming majority of traffic with commercial intent.

      You can do well with any source of targeted traffic, but in most cases the bulk of the business comes through PPC traffic. I believe this is in part due to the tendancy to find what you want to buy is amost always found in the PPC ads and when someone's intent is to make a purchase they tend to gravitate towards these ads.
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    yahoo answers gets limited results. especially if there is a lot of competion in the business your website is in.

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    Lol my account got banned in one day because of spamming affiliate links (I didn't know this was against their TOS at the time)!
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    Oh yeah!

    I also tried to get traffic to my site and they sent me an email warning me. They did not ban me but warned me.

    Again..and again..and again

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    paid perclick is good, but if you are new and just starting out i would go with the free one, forums and yahoo answers
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    I used affiliate links on Yahoo Answers for over a year and never had a problem until one day I got banned because of one question where I was reported by enough members that I got banned (they seem to do it on a question-by-question basis and rely on members to report). I protested because they have no specific mention of affiliate links in their guidelines even now, that I can see. Sucks because it's my main yahoo email account and I liked using Y. Answers to answer other questions just for fun and was building up a lot of points. I wrote them and showed them where other members were doing the exact same thing I was doing, and many just copying and pasting the same answer for every single question they answered, which is SPAM no doubt. I actually would give a real answer to the question with the link. Occasionally I got lazy with that and that's what burned me. My answer was too generic, short and didn't relate directly to the question. However, they didn't pull all my answers, just disabled my account. My answers are still giving me money every month to pay my student loans, which is all I really wanted in the first place.

    Their customer service is horrible. They gave a one sentence answer to my protest and never gave me a specific reason for banning, although of course I knew the reason, I just wanted to hear it from them. They just always referred me to read the rules, while never giving a specific reason. Annoying as hell, I tell you. Anyway, it's clear they don't want their service to be something people make money from, but it happens. I showed them two other posters who were doing the same as me but a lot worse, with the same copy and paste answers. I got no response and they have done nothing to those accounts. They're extremely inconsistent as they can't be bothered to check it themselves, but rely on members.
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    Yahoo will ban you without any further investigation so guys be careful with yahoo answers..
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    I think PPC leads are better. Leads from forums are usually people who know a lot about the industry and are only good if you have really good products (and sales methods) then you can do well
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    Yahoo answers can be good for finding individual leads. You might be able to sell that one person something, but there might not be anyone else who is interested in your offer pertaining to that answer. There is also a chance that the person who posted the question will never even look at the answers people gave to them. Yahoo answers seems to be much hit and miss in my experience.
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    I've got about 590 points, post the link to my website about 50% of the time, and never had a problem.
    I agree with the previous posters, I don't think the commercial intent is there at all.
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    I got nuked in Yahoo Answers! I posted good useful answers to people in a certain niche. Someone did not like it and complained. The answer was useful and factual. No matter, account suspended. Next.

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    Yahoo answers is okay to test out a market and some people have more 'advanced' ways of spamming them to make money but the downside to using them is that you could have a lot of good quality answers, but if you are unlucky and have a few links in the posts back to your own sites, one day you could find that your account got deleted without notification.

    Basically it will just say something along the lines of, "Sorry, your account has been deleted. Please contact xx is you believe this to be a mistake" etc etc.

    So, Yahoo Answers - okay for testing markets with throwaway accounts but BAD for building up an account only to find you just lost 200 high quality answers because the moderators that day had a bad headache. Honestly, it's luck of the draw on there so don't rely on it as a dependable traffic source.

    I would recommend for long term stability you do article marketing instead if you are hand writing that 'content'

    - Dean
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    yahoo answer will bring in traffic to your website but if you have a budget then you can go for PPC which brings in more traffic and have higher conversion rates
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