Here is how you can use comments spammed on your website

by Kikos
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Usual procedure for most people is to spam / delete "spam-like" comments that people come and put on your website.
I was doing that too.

Just now I thought why am I deleting these "very kind" comments and I approved one spam comment and then
  • went to the page where it is,
  • then clicked EDIT,
  • then removed his/her website
  • removed few words of bad english,
  • added within context my keyword
  • clicked save
Conversion > Spam comment > Keyword rich comment coming from the IP of the commenter (so you don't need to use proxies to comment on your own website to start a conversation)


P.S. I am still a newbie so if this is some kind of a major SEO error please correct me.
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    That was a good tips buddy. Find it helpful, anyway thanks for sharing it!
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    Ha I'd love to have a 'conversation' with some of the spam comments that come through - especially the ones that start with ... "help I am being taken hostage, if you don't approve this comment I will be killed"

    Naturally I didn't approve it and naturally he didn't die because I got the same comment a few more times! Its a pity we can't auto trash, the same way that they can auto-spam

    But a good idea!
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    I was almost certain you were going to talk about reverse engineering the comments. I make it a habit to reverse engineer comments and see where else they're dropping their links.

    Nice little idea though.
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    I also do the same...
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    ya also they say people don't like to comment on articles where there are no other comments, so this takes care of that too, you get:
    - 1 more keyword mention
    - 1 more comment from another IP
    - no longer "empty" article
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    Thank for share!
    But i think we dont work with spam on us website
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      You can also change their Name to a keyword you want and point the link at another page on your website for some internal linking.

      Or go to the website they are linking too. Find all the backlinks to that site with Scrapebox. Sort them by PR. Go to the high PR sites and create your own backlinks to your site.
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