Is Link Wheel Strategy Still Viable?

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Wondering if doing link wheel will dramatically help my ranking in Google. I have actually stayed away from this kind of method mainly because its too tedious and complicated. If its still working and a great method to rank high and increase my site page rank, i will like some one to point me to a complete beginners guide on this.

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    Yes a link wheel is still a good way to set up your backlinks. You can actually search on eBay and in the forum to find people that will set these up for you if you would rather outsource the work for a few bucks.

    Benjamin Ehinger
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    Originally Posted by warriorjohn1444 View Post

    Wondering if doing link wheel will dramatically help my ranking in Google.
    Opinions differ, John.

    Two things I can tell you factually (though they're only factual reports of opinion) ...

    (i) The members here who have previously worked on search engine algorithms have all always said in earlier threads about this that linkwheels recognisable as such don't and won't work at all;

    (ii) The authors of the standard, widely accredited SEO textbooks say that linkwheels recognisable as such don't and won't work at all.

    And three more things which are my own opinion only ...

    (a) Some sort of vaguely link-pyramid-ish structure which additionally includes some randomised cross-links may work;

    (b) There certainly won't be any downside or "Google penalty risk" to trying anything like this on a "home-made/manual scale";

    (c) Call me a skepchick, but in a forum in which so many members sell/promote linkwheels as part of their SEO services, it may be a little difficult to gather objective information, and with no disrespect to anyone, the consensus of opinion may not be an altogether independent one.
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      Extending what Alexa said, I don't think any method with an easily identifiable footprint and intended purely to game the system will work long term.

      I believe that when linkwheels were first introduced they were effective because there weren't a lot of people using them. They flew below the radar, so to speak. Once they became popular enough for manuals, courses and even software to be popular, it was like the gates open and the stampede begins.

      If you want to take a little walk through SEO history, look for "doorway pages", "smart pages" and "free for all links pages".

      That's not to say that the underlying theory behind linkwheels is unsound. It's just that using that theory will require more subtlety and sophistication than most garden variety marketers can or care to muster.
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    Regardless of whether a specific type of link wheel works or not you are still building backlinks and having a mix of high quality and low quality backlinks will help your ranking on the search engines.

    Benjamin Ehinger
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      I use link wheels with lots of success, just make sure they are not exactly the same pattern, mix it up and keep everything chaotic and you'll see good success with link wheels. (not really wheels, more like backlink networks)
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    Great review, thank you so much for the mention and the props. All the best…
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    Link wheel strategy still works but if you do it with high quality content then you can get better results.
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