Is MSN and Yahoo declining/banning squeeze pages as hard as Adwords?

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just wondering if you guys are having any luck getting your squeeze pages accepted with msn and yahoo adcenter?
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    Adwords threatened to ban my account because I tried to get mine accepted. I will try with MSN and Yahoo and will update you here!
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      no seriously adwords has gone im in the process of refunding my money. and i was thinking of giving msn and yahoo a try (they are under the same network)...

      does anybody have any experience with them, using squeeze pages?
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    If you bother to read the Adwords guidelines and the Adcenter guidelines, you'll see that they are very similar. It would save you and most other people the aggravation of having their ads disapproved. You'll probably still not read them and you came here for an answer which is, no you can't use a squeeze page in Adcenter. I do suggest you read the guidelines just the same.
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    actually smart guy.. i do use squeeze pages on both adwords and adcenter..and if you did YOUR research you would also see that many other who not only read the above guidelines but also read the ftc guidelines, have been able to make it work. but the squeeze pages are highly tweaked to fit their guidelines.

    my question was to see what other people are doing to keep their squeeze pages active. because theres always more than one way to fix a problem.
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    I have bookmarked this page and will be constantly re-visitint to see if any update is made on the current discussion. I also want to experiment but am afraid to do so.
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